Top 5 reasons your grandma will love paperless wedding invitations from Glö

Updated Oct 12 2015
Guest post by Taryn
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We've told you all about Glö paperless invites before, now here's Taryn, the founder of Glö, to assuage you fears about the older generation when it comes to online invites.

So, you've decided that paperless wedding invitations are the way to go. After all, they're gorgeous, streamlined and eco-friendly — what could be more modern-minded? Plus, you've got better things to do with your time besides ripping your hair out while you stuff and address envelopes, lick foul-tasting stamps and coordinate RSVPs by hand. You did not say "yes" to paper cuts on your tongue.

But now you wonder: "What in the hootenanny will I do about Grandma?"

The easy response is that you'll send email wedding invitations to 99% of your guests and a handful of matching paper invitations to Grandma and your other older relatives. You can always ask your parents or a well-meaning aunt to RSVP on Grandma's behalf on your wedding website.

But guess what, your Grandma might actually surprise you. A Glöbie once told me that her 80+ year old Irish grandmother got an email address JUST to receive her email wedding invitations. How wicked-crazy-cool is that?

So in honor of cyber-grannies everywhere, I bring you the top 5 reasons why YOUR grandma will probably go gaga for your paperless wedding invitations:

Here's an example of a beautiful and personalized paperless invitation from Liz and Christina's Festival of Love!

1. They are beautiful and personalized

Even Grandma knows that paperless invitations have come a LONG way since e-vite. Check out some examples and see what I mean.

2. She'll get more time to spend with you

Let's be honest, you're super-freaking busy. Your life did not grind to a halt just because there is a wedding to plan. You can save countless hours by doing online invitations. Now those hours can go toward planning a killer menu, building a rock-a-biliy DJ list, or chillin' with Grandma on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

3. She'll get bragging rights about her tech-genius grandchild

After all, Grandma doesn't need to know that the slideshow, pac man game, video and countdown you added to your website required little more than cut, paste and click. Plus when Grandma calls ten minutes after you click send, she'll be flabbergasted that you already knew she had viewed your invitation. (What she WON'T know is how you've been jumping up and down like a madwoman and squeeing with glee as you reload your "who's viewed" and RSVP response pages over and over and over again.)

4. She'll be guilt-free

Grandma won't need to stress about calling you at 7am on a Sunday to tell you she spilled tea on your RSVP card. While you're snoring away like a banshee. Your database will record that she RSVPed "yes" for her and Grandpa, that they're staying at the main hotel, are allergic to nuts, won't need a babysitter, and request that the DJ play something catchy by those nice people from the village. If Grandma wants to come back another day and switch her dinner request to the curry, your database will seamlessly update her response while she continues to "not burden or bother you." Score.

5. Bigger bang for her birthday check bucks

There's nothing better than the check or crisp green $5 bill that falls out of grandma's birthday card. But when postage alone for 150 invitations and RSVP reply cards costs around $150, and the average couple spends hundreds on paper invitations, your savings account can dry up fast. Whether it goes towards extra food and wine, a killer DJ, or the pink pony you've wanted since you were five, Grandma will be pleased about the moolah you save on your paperless invitations and spend on something you really wanted instead.

Want to take Grandma a step farther into the techno-fabulous word? Just get her involved! She can help you choose a gorgeous Glö design or serve as art director if you decide to create and upload your own design. You two can even spend some bonding time looking over a few real Glö-bie stories or discovering ways to
spice up your site.

Just don't be surprised when Grandma asks why she hasn't seen you on Twitter lately, invites you fan her Facebook page, or proudly announces she's the mayor of Thursday night bingo. After Grandma masters the double-click and two-fingered swipe, there'll be just no stopping her. And now there'll be no stopping you — get amazing paperless wedding invites from Glö!

  1. I think this is the best written sponsor post ever. I actually read it top to bottom and laughed out loud. Sounds like they are talking about my grandma. She obsessed over my website and has been quite pleased and impressed by my practical and frugal approach to planning.

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