Thinking of having a grandma flowergirl?

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Back in 2017, we were one of the first to talk about couples having grandmothers act as their flowergirls! It was the cutest fucking thing. Since then, the idea has been used many times and gotten a lot of mainstream attention.

We've even seen a wedding with a grandma flower girl who had a cash cannon — she “made it rain” as she rolled down the aisle in her wheelchair!

If you're thinking of having a grandma flower girl, we're here with some suggestions to make her feel like the most fabulous flower girl of ALL TIME…

Have fun when you ask your grandma to be your flowergirl with a flower proposal kit

Ok fine the sunglasses might be small, but how cute is this flowergirl proposal box?


What grandma wouldn't love this this flower girl kit? Those glasses would make for a great photo opp!


This flower girl gift set comes with a tumbler — who knows what grandma might choose to put in there!

Get your grandma flowergirl the best basket

This basket can be personalized with her name, making it a great keepsake for all those grandma things that grandmas have.
Is grandma into macrame? Cuz we are into this basket!
Who says grandmas can't be VERY MODERN
This willow flower girl basket feels like one grandma could use after the wedding

Make sure your grandma flowergirl is topped like a QUEEN

We think your grandmother should wear whatever makes her feel fabulous, but we definitely think she deserves to look like a true queen with a regal crown — like these ones from CROWN ME.

Crown by CROWN ME
Headpiece by CROWN ME

Maybe your grandma needs a balloon, too??

We don't know, we just love this photo from CROWN ME.


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