Sci-fi-themed surprise grab bag wedding favors

April 10 2014 | bijouxandbits
Darth and Trooper Pez
Photo by JamiesrabbitsCC BY 2.0
Themed wedding favors give you a great opportunity to share a little of your interests with your guests. Stacia and Kevin's sci-fi-themed wedding featured surprise grab bags filled with all kinds of space-y goodies. Here's what they said:

One of my favorite things in the whole world is a grab bag, so our favors were space-themed bags of surprises.

Each bag contained something different:

The best part? We completely forgot to hand them out! The venue had to call us the next day to let us know they found our stash in the closet. We're still trying to find good reasons to get rid of them to this day!

Other than the whole not-giving-them-out part, this idea is totally out-of-the-box inside-the-bag.

If you're thinking of doing favors at your wedding, check out more favor idea posts, and let's start scheming what you'd put into your own grab bag favors!

  1. We're actually going to use Pez dispensers for our centerpieces, pairing up Pez couples (Homer & Marge, R2D2 & C3Po, Bert & Ernie) on top of decorated cans to identify the tables. It's thus far been the only real decor idea I've come up with. Grab bags are a cute thought. Maybe I'll fill them with Pez!

    1 agrees

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