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Crystal Bock Photography
Things I like about this adorable couple:

  1. Groom's cutie curly mohawk
  2. Bride's dress that hints at gothic, but doesn't overwhelm
  3. Bride's proudly displayed bridal ink
  4. Their cute matching skate shoes!

Check out more shots from Brooke and Joe's wedding. The photographer, Crystal Bock, describes it as “Part gothic-chic, part skater-cool.”

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Comments on Gothic-chick/Skater-cool

  1. This is AWESOME! She looks gorgeous. My fiance` has and is going to have a traditional mohawk. Everyone has put in their two cents about how “inapprpriate” it looks. I’ll just give them this link and tell them to f-off!

  2. Great Pics! The design on her dress and the flower girls is stunning I <3 skater shoes and the background choices. Fantastic! I *must* know where she got the red shoes she’s wearing in their engagement pics *_* in loveee~!

    I can totally picture wearing those under my dress and surprising all my strict catholic relatives when we go down to kneel. Take that suckas!~

  3. this wedding is my dream wedding!! right down to the black on black on black suit!!
    crystal (the photography) did a stunning job!!

  4. I got say that dress doesn’t look so Gothic to me but so very very French and so so stunning. To die for.

    The curly mohawk is pretty awesome to.

  5. A friend of mine had that same dress and she paired it with kick ass red sculpted hair!

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