Study this amazing pin-up bridal hair. Learn from it. Worship it. Lots more pics over here, including my personal fave, which is this one of the bride and her grandmother:

My nan is badass

Meet your new BFF wedding vendor

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Comments on Gothabilly bridal up-do

  1. Ho-ly crap! The front makes a heart! Could it be anymore perfect? That hair, the lips…yowza! Grandma? The perfect mix of class and crass… hehehe Beautiful.

  2. Awww! Well this was a pleasant suprise! I’ve always looked at all the weddingporn full of admiration.

    Thank you Ariel, I’m blushing!

    Shanah (aka Kerosene Deluxe)

  3. oohhhh! i’ve been waiting for her pics to drop. i had a bit of an OBB crush on her over on the forum.!

  4. Kerosene! I am totally taking pictures of your hair to my stylist to see if she can do something similar.

    Your grandma is hard core! Love it!

  5. Re: the “tacky” debate –

    Yeah, everyone should be able to share their opinions. But it probably gets annoying to Ariel when she sees people being negative to brides that are just doing their thing.

  6. You are BEAUTIFUL!

    Your gorgeousness is so inspiring! I LOVE the photos, but when can we hear deets about the event itself?

  7. Oh, grandmothers. I wish my grandma & grandpa were still around to see me married (and give the world the finger with me!) Awesome hair. Awesome grandma. Awesome hubby (presumably). That girl’s got it all!

  8. Wicked Sweet Hair. Just wondering what brand of hair color your red is?? Do you happen to know the name or number of the color?? I am a stylist and would love to put this red in my hair for my wedding.

  9. Hi Stina,

    The red’s I use are either ‘pillarbox red’ from Manic Panic or ‘poppy red’ from Directions (Directions one is the best one in my opinion)
    The key is to leave it it as long as possible, the dye is natural so not harmfull…I covered mine with a plastic cap and let it sit for 6 hours…

  10. I used ‘punky colour’ at first but the colour didn’t turn out as it was supposed to be. I don’t recommend that brand..I re-dyed it later on with the Manic Panic one mentioned above, which is a lot better.

    Directions,in my opinion, is the best dye…

  11. Thanks so much for the info!! I have used manic panic many times. I have found not to have great results with pillarbox…dang it. I have used the vampire red and found it had more holding power just deposits a bit darker. hmmmm Directions I have used as well and your right about it being the better choise. Wish me luck. I have untill next Halloween to grown my hair out. Right now it is all Black. Dang why do i keep doing that. 🙂

  12. cancel the wedding!

    I think you’ve just turned me, you utter beauty, you!

    seriously. wow. gorgeous. beautiful. wonderful woman you.

  13. special effects – cherry bomb – ive tested all of the temp dyes, and this brand lasts the longest.

  14. kerosene — I re-posted this photo over at my site (and wanted to make sure that it’s ok… .!!!!) but I need to credit your photographer. Whose photos are these?

    Also, absolute hair LOVE! I have already passed this post along to one of my stylists!

  15. Hi Rachel, the picture wasnt taken by a’s just a random shot my dad took:)

    Hair is by myself and Maely Sargent

  16. Oh man!! I love it! She’s so gorgeous & I can’t get enough of her style!! *gush, gush*

  17. eeep!!! love it! where did you find your veil? I cannot find one like that anywhere.

  18. how do you get the curls to maintain their shape like that, i have tried and tried and can’t figure it out…

  19. Googled this sort of hairstyle/up-do came across this site. I am looking for hairstyles/up-dos, but for some reason I am finding no step by steps or how-tos for styles like this. Any suggestions from anyone?

  20. I love your hair! It’s so beautiful…Did you do it yourself? Do you have any tips or tricks? Thanks so much!!!

  21. Oh wow, I love that hair style. Might have to note it for when I start doing trial hair runs for my wedding day.

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