Study this amazing pin-up bridal hair. Learn from it. Worship it. Lots more pics over here, including my personal fave, which is this one of the bride and her grandmother:

My nan is badass

Meet your new BFF wedding vendor

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Comments on Gothabilly bridal up-do

  1. Ho-ly crap! The front makes a heart! Could it be anymore perfect? That hair, the lips…yowza! Grandma? The perfect mix of class and crass… hehehe Beautiful.

  2. Awww! Well this was a pleasant suprise! I’ve always looked at all the weddingporn full of admiration.

    Thank you Ariel, I’m blushing!

    Shanah (aka Kerosene Deluxe)

  3. oohhhh! i’ve been waiting for her pics to drop. i had a bit of an OBB crush on her over on the forum.!

  4. Kerosene! I am totally taking pictures of your hair to my stylist to see if she can do something similar.

    Your grandma is hard core! Love it!

  5. Re: the “tacky” debate –

    Yeah, everyone should be able to share their opinions. But it probably gets annoying to Ariel when she sees people being negative to brides that are just doing their thing.

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