Thanks to Jessamyn for sending us a link to her shots from her sister-in-law's incredible vegan, goth wedding. Alyssa and Brian got married and in Geyserville, CA.

alysbri1009156So, yeah, killer dress, obviously, and we love a tattooed bride, but there's so much more! Like check out that veil…


I freaking LOVE the little patterns in the netting.

alysbri1009147Of course the groom also rocked the all-black and looked very dapper.

And what about the vegan part? Gaze upon the delicious beauty of these spooky vegan cupcakes…


To see more of this super classy goth-y halloween-y wedding, check out Jessamyn's double blog posts filled with fabulous wedding porn here and here. Gotta love having a bridesmaid who is also a talented wedding photographer!

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  1. Thank you Jessamyn for sending this to OBB, what a surprise to see my face on a website that gave me so much inspiration! 🙂

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