Goth cake toppers for your dark wedding tastes

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Not all gothic cake toppers are about skulls and bones… this raven cake topper goes for a more subtle goth vibe

Are you looking for a goth wedding cake topper that's as dark and delicious as your goth wedding plans? Maybe you're having a Halloween wedding, or just like things a little dark and edgey? Well, I've rounded up a few goth cake toppers that might fit the bill. Check 'em out, and click on any photo to learn more about each cake topper. Now, we know that when most folks think of goth wedding toppers, they think of skulls and bones and cute little skeletons. And we're down with that! But before we get to those cake toppers, we're going to look at some adorably “spoopy” goth animals, and some geeky pop culture cake toppers first. Ready?

Adorable goth animals

How cute are these little fruit bats? This one can be customized to say whatever you want on the hearts, including MRS & MRS or MX & MX or MR & MR or whatever genders you do or don't identify with!
STOP IT omg how cute are these spooky little kitties?! Again, these are completely customizable, and can be made to reflect you and your partner.
At less than $20, this raven cake topper is super affordable.
Whyyyy are these wee little batties so stinkin' cute!?
These little birds are so sweet and yet a little spooky

Pop culture goth cake toppers

Get you a man who loves you like Gomez love Morticia! Love Addams Family wedding cake topper
So you want a cake topper for your goth lesbian wedding? This Sally & Emily cake topper is exactly your style, then!
Or maybe you're more into this Beetlejuice cake topper?

Skull and bones goth cake toppers

They're not cheap, but TopTopperShop can make you a completely custom skeleton cake topper, which can include your pets or kids, name, wedding date, and more!
This skull cake topper can be personalized with your names


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  1. please help me!! i want a gothic cake topper im thinking jack and sally type thing and i cannot find anything at all if any one can help.

  2. hi, I am getting married next july but i can not find the perfect wedding cake!
    I want a very sexy but elegant wedding cake that is black red and some fire flames on it!!
    I am talking not biker flames but like black and red flames.
    I can not even find a pics that come close to what i want! please any body IDEAS!!!!!!!

    • Go to and click Custom at the top of the page. This will take you to Alchemy, and you can post your request along with a price you'd be willing to pay for it. You'll get bids by people who can fill your request, and you can choose who will make it for you.

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