Two words for you: GOPRO BOUQUET

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GoPro bouquet!

Really, the title and the photo says it all. This is a San Francisco bride named Danielle rocking her bridal bouquet — WHICH HAS A FUCKING GOPRO CAMERA BUILT IN. Can you even imagine your bouquet's-eye-view of your wedding day? Hopefully we'll have the full wedding profile to share soon…

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  1. You guys are going to FLIP OUT over this wedding profile. Check out Danielle’s full dress:

    Apparently, that is the dress designer standing next to her and the dress cost a whopping $500. I think I speak for all of us when I say WE MUST KNOW MORE.

  2. Where is it already? Want to see fooffy dress and really hope to see video from the camera.
    I was looking at one of those cameras for the wedding yesterday and wondering where I would stick it. this is a great idea. Also how was the sound quality for the ceremony?

  3. Hiding a GoPro in your wedding bouquet is a great idea! The resulting video for my GoPro-hidden-in-wedding-bouquet is here

  4. The picture is so cute! I love her hair and her little dinosaur tattoo. Which wedding is this? I want to see more of the dress!

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