3 ways you can use Blurb books to rock the worlds of your wedding guests

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Example of a Blurb template.

I've waxed poetic about how wondrously easy it is to make wedding books with Blurb before. Since you guys already know all about THAT, I want to talk about another amazing potential use for the software: gifting small books to your wedding party, close friends, and family. Everyone can have a memento that will last forever!

Three books = three ways Blurb is going to make your wedding guests so happy!

In case you need a refresher, here's how you can easily get started on your next Blurb creation:

  1. Download Booksmart
  2. Import your photos
  3. Pick a template OR begin your book design
  4. Upload your book
  5. Order your book!

Once you've uploaded and ordered one copy of your book it will be stored in your account indefinitely, and if you allow it, others can view and order copies of the same book you created. There are three major reasons this last bit is particularly fantastic:

1. Blurb books are awesome gifts for members of wedding parties

Example layout.

If you or a family member/close friend has been pondering giving a gift to the members of your wedding party but haven't come up with the perfect combination of fun and forever, a Blurb wedding book is likely it. Pricing options begin at $10.95 for a small square book.

“I loved that Blurb let me get as creative as I wanted when I made my own wedding photo book. And it was so affordable I could give copies of my beautiful book as gifts for family members and my bridal party, too.” — K. Martinez

2. Friends who couldn't make the big day can get their own copy

Example layout from Katherine + Brian's Wedding Album.

In an ideal world, everyone you know and love will make it to your wedding. MAJOR BUMMER: this isn't always what happens. For whatever reason, due to no fault of their own, many a good friend or close relative has been delayed or missed out on a wedding entirely. People get sick, travel plans change, and so on. The point: if your BFF or your favorite uncle misses out on your wedding day, he or she can at least share in some of the fun (or enjoy seeing photos of you having a blast) with their own copy of your wedding day book. It's not quite the same as being there, but it's way better than missing out entirely!

3. One book can provide holiday gifts for the whole family

Example album from Travis and Kate's Wedding.

I often joke that since having a child gift-giving for our immediate and extended family has gotten a LOT easier — everyone always wants photos of us and our son. Blurb books are similar — taking an hour or two to create and order one wedding book can result in an immediate and easy gifting option several months down the line. Since the books are forever stored in your account after one copy is ordered, Hanukkah, Christmas, birthdays, and so on are covered — you can give everyone who just wants as many photos of you as they can possibly get (hi, Grandparents!) a copy.

So what are you waiting for? That is, assuming you're even still HERE. I bet about half of you already have Booksmart open in a second window! If not, get yourselves over to Blurb immediately! Everyone will be happy that you did.

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  1. Hello,

    Is it possible to find out the photographer credits for the photos? I’m in love with the photographic style of Travis and Katie’s wedding. Would love to know who did it.


  2. I love Blurb; they’re easy to use and the print quality is fantastic. We’re making very small books to have as our favours, containing a few pictures of us, favourite recipes and poems. We’ve decided not to use Blurb for this though, as their postage becomes extortionate with big orders.

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