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We've profiled a few cash registries here, but Deposit a Gift is like the evolution of gift registries. With Deposit a Gift you can register for anything, from honeymoons to home down payments to newlywed activities!

And here's where the whole "evolution" thing comes into play: Deposit a Gift is the only cash gift registry service that offers a free wedding website and — get this — the ability to list all of your other registries! So all of your wedding information can be in one place.

DAG's Founder, Dana Ostomel, contacted us after Ariel's video advice post on how to ask for cash instead of gifts to not only add that she agreed with it, but to also suggest Deposit a Gift as the solution to that etiquette conundrum. The site bridges the gap between a traditional registry and asking for money — giving couples a venue to be straightforward about your actual needs outside of pots and pans (ex: rock climbing clamps, a trip to Peru, or, in my husband's case, audio gear) and gives your guests options if they'd like to buy you a gift.

So if you guys are thinking about starting a registry, if you already have a registry (or three) or if you want to create a convenient wedsite, sign up for free with Deposit a Gift and easily do all three!

  1. I am planning on using a website to registar for our wedding as well. This one looks good, I have just been trying to find out if there is any fee or if they get a cut of the money you get. I only ask because I have run into these charges on other sites. Thanks for your help!

  2. Hi! This is Dana, the Founder of Deposit a Gift. Great question! We work hard to be as transparent with our users as possible.

    To answer your question Meg, it is free to sign-up and create a DAG wedding website and registry with as many details, pics, video, etc as you want. The more personality, the better! We find that guests are most likely to contribute to the most personal sites because it makes them feel a part of things. As Ariel said in her vlog, they want to know that the money is going for more than just gas. We wish the entire service could be free, but unfortunately due to the cost of accepting credit cards, offering users full-service ad-free wedsites and general site maintenance, we do need to charge a transactional fee of 7.5%. However, you should note that you have a choice with our site as to who pays this fee – the gift-giver or you the gift-recipient. If the gift-giver pays the fee, it is listed as a ‘Service/Gift Delivery’ line-item during checkout, so it feels similar to what a guest would see during a traditional registry checkout for things like tax, shipping and gift wrap; if you pay the fee, it is assessed during withdrawal.

    Some things to consider as you figure out what would work best for you: the fee is much lower than what a gift-giver would normally pay for taxes, shipping and gift wrap. Even if you return your gifts for cash, you and the gift-giver never re-coup those costs. And unlike gift cards, the cash in your DAG account can be used on anything you choose, at any venue you select. If you and your guests are from various countries, the ability to pay for cash gifts via credit card could mitigate the much larger fees that you could face with exchange fees or fees to deposit foreign currency in your local bank.

    Answers to a slew of questions can be found in our FAQs (, and I can also make myself available via phone if anyone wants to chat about anything that you’re curious about. Feel free to email me directly:


  3. This is an amazing idea! Much more practical that endless amounts of $50 spoons! Modern couples need resources like this to help them reach their goals and make it through the recession.

  4. Just an fyi, based on this profile I took a look at this site and thought it did in fact match what me and my fiance were looking for. I thought that the personal wedsite was great – cute graphics, and I loved being able to post our pics. And while I'm still putting together the registry; it's really easy with tons of ideas. Thanks OBB!

  5. Hmm I am looking for something like this.. but it still seems a little grabby to me. The fact that guests can't go off and buy the present, they just give us cash to do so, I almost feel like it's even less personal than the wishing well option (which I personally don't like)..
    Also the fact that on the wed-site the registry is the second link, I think I'd still be too embarrassed to use this particular site.
    It looks like it has some good ideas though.

  6. This site makes so much more sense to me than setting up a registry with the department stores. I've stopped buying registry gifts off Bed Bath and Beyond cause I know my friends will just return my gift for the cash. To me this seems more honest and potentially more personal cause if me and my fiance explain why we'd prefer cash (we want to buy a house) than I'm letting my friends and family in on our experience…and I'm thinking every time someone sees our dream home they'll know they helped us get it. Which is a pretty good gift.

  7. Thx Sarah, Kristin, Jedi Torre and Michy: Really feelin' the love 🙂 And the sign-ups we've gotten from this post have been incredible! We're so thankful, and so happy to help Offbeat Brides everywhere with their wedding websites and registries. Cheers!

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