What’s a thoughtful gift for someone who had to cancel their wedding because of Coronavirus?

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This hilarious and cute quarantine wedding card is available from Etsy seller SaucyAvoado.

A couple weeks ago, Jalila asked us: “What would be a thoughtful gift for a friend and a co-worker who had to cancel their weddings?”

Of course no one needs to get anyone a gift in this situation — a kind word goes a very long way. That said, what an incredibly thoughtful question! Jalila, we appreciate your compassion about how disappointing it is for couples who've had to cancel their wedding because of Coronavirus.

The win/win gift: support both the couple AND a local small business!

The most thoughtful gift possible is a gift-voucher to a local restaurant or spa. Go for something that will make your friend and their fiance feel loved and pampered. This kind of present is a double-whammy: not only are you getting your friend a lovely enriching experience, you're ALSO supporting a local business that is no doubt be facing hard times in this era of social distancing.

Now, granted: a gift voucher to a spa can't be used until we're done with quarantine and sheltering-in-place… but a gift certificate to a restaurant that does take-out or delivery would be a tremendously thoughtful gift for couples who are so tired of eating at home during quarantine.

Regardless of when the couple redeems a gift voucher, the small business gets the benefit of your money right now, when so many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat.

This hilarious canceled wedding consolation card is from Etsy seller SaucyAvocado

Best, this kind of gift card is a win/win. There are so many local businesses struggling right now, and what a sweet way to support both a friend who might be grieving their canceled wedding, and a small business owner who may be grieving their inability to pay their rent.

For those of you in the UK, a site called BuyAGift makes this kind of gifting super easy — they offer experiential gifts for couples.  Stuff like tea for two, romantic spa-days, wine-tasting, or adventures like ziplining. Almost all the experiences hosted by small businesses in the UK, so when you buy an experience, you're supporting both the couple and the small biz. Any BuyAGift experiences you buy now can be redeemed for 10 months.

Aww, we love this personalized card to send to the couple on what would have been their wedding day.

But what if you're out of the area or want to give a more tangible gift?

So, let's review here:

  1. You don't need to give a gift!
  2. A kind word goes a long way
  3. The best idea is a win/win gift that supports both the couple AND a local small business.

But. That said, maybe you're out of the area and don't know about local small businesses. Maybe you're want to send a more tangible, physical gift. We've got a few ideas, because there are tons of gift delivery services that can help to connect people even while social distancing…

OFFBEAT: unique couple gifts

Wedding Quarantine Matching BRIDE & GROOM Pajama Pants. (What we want to know is if they can do bride/bride or groom/groom sets for same-sex couples)


We love this Intersection of Love gift idea… it's a framed print that's customized with the couple's name.


How cute is this customizable Connect 4-ish game from Uncommon Goods? They've got a ton of  clever couple gifts.


This customized cross stitch sends a sweet and totally personal gift to the couple… it can be made to look like them


For your favorite geeks… Wedding Wars: The Quarantine his & hers t-shirt set.

SWEET: fresh treats delivered straight to their door

We're decreeing this the official “Sorry your wedding was canceled” condolence cake from Milkbar

Send a tasty “sorry your wedding was canceled” condolences cake Milkbar! I mean, lookit how delicious and colorful that cake looks — how could the couple not be delighted when a rainbow-flecked three-layer cake shows up at their front door? That'll kill the quarantine blahs.

Or you could send them one of Milkbar's signature pies. The pie has a gooey, buttery filling in a toasted oat cookie crust, with a taste so addictive it used to be known as Crack Pie!

So yeah, Crack Pie sounds good, but the cakes…. JUST LOOK AT THIS CAKE:

If you're in the UK, there's always Biscuiteers. We especially love their rainbow biscuits, and 10% of sale price is donated to the National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal.

FLORAL & HOUSE PLANTS: Bringing the outside IN

Love this hand-wrapped bouquet from Floom
  • FLORAL: Have flowers delivered from From You Flowers (affordable!) or Floom (if you want to go for a more unique vibe).
  • NATURAL: Help the couple grow during quarantine by sending a living, growing plant gift from The Sill.

    You know what helps with disappointed couples stuck in quarantine? Plants from TheSill.

BOOZY: Wine!

Give the unique gift of wine that your friends and family will love. Send a personalized Bright Cellars wine club certificate today and they'll ship the couple their personalized wine matches directly.

Or you could just buy some cheap wine on one of your weekly runs the grocery store, cover up the label with one of these funny wine labels, and leave it on their front porch:

I'm sorry your wedding got canceled” wine labels from Etsy Seller TipsyLabels

The final word on whether you should get someone a gift if their wedding was canceled

“Roll with it” canceled wedding cards from Etsy seller FoxesOnBoxes

Just to say it again: there is no need to get anyone a gift! Many of us are struggling financially right now, and a loving phone call or a handwritten card (especially a punny one like this) can go a long way toward lifting the spirits of friends who've had to cancel or postpone their weddings.

(Or anyone really — social distancing doesn't mean we can't keep in close communication with our loved ones.)

So, while no one needs to get anyone anything, we do want to say many thanks again to our reader Jalila for asking such a sweet question… it warms our hearts to know that there are folks being so thoughtful about their friends' feelings during such a difficult time. Whether it's gifts or just giving folks a call, now is the time for more love and thoughtfulness.

Love in the time of Coronavirus…

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  1. I just sent a good friend some champagne to mark her original wedding date this Saturday. It’s the same cheap brand we’ve been using to celebrate for over 10 years, so I think it’ll make her smile.

  2. Ah it’s been a tough year all round, I feel awful for my clients and something like this would put a little smile on their faces and guarantee good feedback in the future! Great idea

  3. It’s a tough time for so many couples. I’ve been sending my couples a box of chocolates with the condition that they promise me that they open and finish the entire box on their original wedding date. They love it and I always receive a lovely message back thanking me!

  4. I probably wouldn’t buy a gift as I would be worried that it could be taken the wrong way (i.e. that it in any way compensated for their disappointment).

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