5 tips to get the most from your wedding photography

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Investing in a good wedding photographer is a great way to ensure that your hard work doesn't go unnoticed and your memories don't fade away after the day is over (trust us, it happens!). But that's only part of the picture… you and your partner have an active role in making those photos happen, too. Let's talk about how you can make choices in your wedding planning and timing that make getting that killer shot even more likely.

Find out about restrictions

Be sure to ask your ceremony and reception venues if there are any photography restrictions beforehand. This can be especially true for churches. Better to know the framework so you can inform your photographer ahead of time that Scorsese moves might be out.

Keep your photographer healthy

Include your photographer in the guest list to ensure they get fed and have a place to take a rest at a table. Trust me, you will get better quality photos if your photographer has energy.

Take advantage of that sweet afternoon light

With an outdoor ceremony, take advantage of the sunlight two to three hours before sunset. This prevents harsh shadows and allows you the opportunity to snag the light in the coveted golden hour later on.


We've partnered up with our sponsor, Austin-based Madelinne Grey, to share a couple of tips directly from someone who knows it all first-hand… a wedding photographer! Here's what Madelinne suggests:

Portrait planning:

Decide if you would like to take them before or after the ceremony, which may depend on if you would like to do a first look or if you want to reserve that moment for walking down the aisle. If you want to take to take portraits outdoors, try to avoid planning for them in the middle of the day — the harsh light from the sun is not very flattering and can make everyone squinty!

Make sure everyone who is in the portraits knows when you are doing them, and appoint a ringleader who can chase down stray relatives. We'll make a plan for your family portraits ahead of time so that we can run through them efficiently — the more people involved, the more time it takes.

Getting ready:

If photos of your getting ready process are important to you, consider the location. Big windows that let in lots of natural light are my favorite. In addition, try to keep the bags, boxes, makeup, and curling irons to one side of the room so that your photos can have a background that is free of clutter and distractions. Also, bring scissors. Someone always needs a pair of scissors.

We've been partnering with Madelinne for years now and she knows exactly how to make the most of lighting and time of day, and she'll help you make those choices if you need it. She's a problem-solver, too:

Need a boutonniere pinned? Check. Need a corset-backed dress laced? Check. Need to know if you have frosting on your face? I've got you covered. I take care of the details to get the shot – from fixing necklaces to rearranging furniture, I've seen and done it all. – Madelinne

Let's hear from a few folks who can totally vouch for her:

For my engagement and wedding photos I asked Madelinne to take genuine moments that aren't your typical stand and pose photos – and she delivered! Working with Madelinne is a dream – her personality and professionalism is perfection, and her attention to detail is a quality I admire. I highly recommend her services for not only weddings but for any special occasion photos!
Sasha & Tyler
Madelinne is a phenomenal photographer, but the biggest reason I loved having her as our wedding photographer is because she focuses on the details. She even captured details of our wedding that my husband and I didn't get a chance to see until we looked back at the photos later! Looking through my wedding album is like re-living our perfect day all over again — she embraced our non-traditional wedding and ran with it, capturing every fun and unique element we worked so hard to achieve.
Michael & Lynn

Now that you've got an idea of how to put some oomph into your photos, let's talk about how to SAVE SOME CASH:

All 2015 weddings with Madelinne Grey get 10% off of their total package price if you mention that you found her through Offbeat Bride!


Let us know if you have any tips you'd like to share for getting the best wedding photography possible. And if you're in need of amazing photography in Texas, get in touch with Madelinne Grey. She'll make sure ALL of these fears are gone by the time you book her and that your photos are as amazing as these.

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