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Amanda & Robbie got married on the front steps of their home Photo by Two Spoons Photo.

Let's talk about everything you need to know about getting married in or around the comfort of your own home… even getting married in your own driveway!

Why you should get married at home:

  • Cost savings: At-home weddings and backyard weddings are some of our favorites for this reason. You can spend your money on much more fun stuff like decor, fashion, and FOOD.
  • Fewer restrictions: You won't be beholden to mandatory vendor lists or decor limitations.
  • Space limitations: You will, however, be limited in space. Unless you know someone with a huge farm or something, your own home may just not hold that many people. But you can always rent a tent and party it up outside.
  • Rental expenses: Your home (or friend's/family's home) won't come with any built-in rentals, so you'll be on the hook to hire everything out including any kind of serving/cleaning services you want. It can get pricey, so budget for it if you go this route.

Here's one bride's advice after she threw an at-home wedding:

Part of the reason we wanted to get married in our home was because we wanted to embed the space with as many memories as possible. I'm thrilled that I get to spend every day surrounded by that love, thinking things like “I married my husband there,” “he proposed there”, etc. Ultimately, we wanted our home to not just be where we live, it's where our life happened.

One of the most meaningful things was my neighbors cheering from their homes/porches when they saw me walking down the “aisle” (sidewalk) with my dad. We love our city so much and the great sense of community we have here.

We have an archive of backyard weddings, which includes couples who got married in the backyard of friends or family members. Now, we love backyard weddings… but we SUPER love these teeny tiny in-home weddings. I love the photos from Merry and Mark's at-home wedding, as photographed by Our Labor of Love. Lookit this cute dining room reception spread:

Photo by Our Labor Of Love



Should you get married at home? Here are a few of our favorite at-home weddings we've featured over the years:

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Comments on Get married at home

  1. Man if I had an adorable craftsman house with impeccable white trim, i’d celebrate everything there!!!!

  2. I’m with Rebecca. If my house was large enough and had that much character I’d have my wedding there.

  3. I want their house. Given that she made her dress and cake, I suppose that they restored it from a falling-down shack. It’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. Ariel-
    You just made my day. Also… Since my parents house looks like this it totally makes me want to shelve our budget plans. But cute houses like this are usually small! And we can’t fit 100 plus people from a huge Jewish family inside. Sigh.

  5. I really wish that I can do that. Why do we BOTH have to have such a big ass family! LOL

    • I understand the dilemma with big families and all that. My fiance and I are having an at-home wedding and are not inviting most of the family. Closest friends and family only. Makes it a lot easier.

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