When we saw Stephanie of Sonju Photography post Candice and Steven's wedding on Instagram, we knew we had to see more! Not only are their wedding photos incredible, but this couple's story is fascinating, too.

Candice and Steven purchased their Victorian home, the Sweet Hart House, at the start of the pandemic and have been restoring it since March 2020. The wedding was held in the square in the front of their home.

But wait, this wedding gets even cooler! This tented party had a gospel choir group, a live band, spoken word, and even a loving roast about the couple. Candice and Steven's children participated in their handfasting ceremony. Right after Candice and Steven had their first kiss, they started a Soul Train Line to “We Are Family.” At one point during the party, Candice even karaoke'd to “Kiss” by Prince. 

Oh, and you won't want to miss this! Instead of a traditional guest book, Candice and Steven had a vintage phone answering machine where guests could leave their well wishes after the beep.

That's enough from us, you've just gotta see this wedding!

Vendors behind this Georgia wedding with a spoken word performance:

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