Leah and Mark photographed Peyton and Gabriel at their Fort Fisher state park wedding in North Carolina. What you'll want to know is that is rained… a lot. But rain usually means amazingly moody and lovely photos! The good thing is that Peyton and Gabriel aren't afraid of a little rain, and took lots of shots while getting soaked. Awesome. Check out the gorgeous day.

For tons more on this rain-soaked, seaside celebration, head over to Leah and Mark's blog for a few entries.

photographers: Leah and Mark

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Comments on A rain-drenched love fest near the beach

  1. Hey, that’s me! 😀

    Offbeat Bride was a ton of help for many aspects of our wedding (most importantly, our photographer LeahAndMark), and I really appreciate everything y’all do to make it such an invaluable resource for brides and grooms.

    Thank you.Thank you.Thank you!

  2. The photo where Peyton is crying and Gabriel is reaching out – LOVE! The dress shows of your tattoos beautifully, and it just looks so lovely and intimate. My wedding is coming up soon (in very early spring)and I am not-so-secretly hoping for rain. I love the passion it gives to photos.

  3. ZOMG! I know where that dress came from!!1 i’ve been looking at nataya dresses for a while. Her dresses are vintage and epic and oh so pretty X3

  4. LOVE that they don’t look effected by the rain. Their clothes and hair are wet, but other than that would have never guessed. It doesn’t show in their poise, facial expression, anything. And THAT is how you make a rainy wedding day amazing.

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