A capelet, cootie catchers, and a giant doughnut at this Georgia wedding

April 11 2013 | bijouxandbits  
Photos by: Janet Howard Studio


Emily and Tim take the prize for masters of subtlety. At a glance, you may not even notice the bitchin' geeky and superhero details because everything is just so damned elegant! But those details are there and they are FUN: a little red capelet (to match Emily's subtle fire engine red hair streaks), D20 cookie favors, and their Batman and Superman sneakers. To bring it all home, they also had lantern bridesmaid bouquets, cootie catcher programs, and a hugh jass groom's cake doughnut. We have Janet Howard Studio to thank for sharing this day with us.




























Check out the vendors:

  1. His expression during the first look is freakin' adorbs.
    Love the lanterns and the venue too, good gravy.

  2. Oh man, I totally may have to steal that lantern bouquet idea. Love it!

    I'm also really curious about the pin she has on her dress…that also look like it may have been incorporated into the boutonnieres?

    So many great, fun, subtle details…adorbs.

  3. You had me at "Timily" and the d20 cookies. I love how everything turned out. It's how I hope my wedding will be, elegant with some geeky, offbeat details. Love it!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the pinky swear, it looks so serious and so silly at the same time, my favourite combination!

  5. Hi! I love your wedding so unique and cute yet classy. It's beautiful! Congratulations. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Also can someone help combine my name and my fiances to create one. We have Loully but its not my favorite. Sally and louis.

  6. Love love love that romantic red capelet! Very genuine seeming couple and a gorgeous wedding party. Awesome job 😀

  7. Can I just say I was a guest at the Timly wedding and it was awesome from start to finish. It was both elegant yet very uniquely Emily and Tim. They are a fun couple. It's the first time I have ever both cried tears of joy at a wedding and also found my self laughing! It was amazing! (Did I mention the bride is my beautiful niece!)

  8. Love! The color scheme, the lanterns, so beautiful! I also really like the poem explaining the lack of seating plan, such a great idea!

  9. The bride had the "Mario Kart Love Song" sang as she entered….It was so adorable…The Timily couple is as lovely and fun as their wedding was lovely and fun. They are a great love match. Congrats on having your wedding featured on this blog!

  10. Such a gorgeous wedding…crazy about the giant doughnut! Would you mind telling me where you got your crinoline?

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