A rainbow of fair trade gemstone engagement rings from Turtle Love

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Our longtime sponsor Turtle Love has expanded its collection of colored gemstone engagement rings, and we think you're going to fall in rainbow-colored love with them.

Each of these engagement rings are made from recycled gold or silver, so you can feel good about the environmental footprint of your ring. Plus, the amethysts, peridots, garnets, and blue topaz are all certified fair trade gemstones. But the best part is ZOMG the colors! I could just stare at these photos all day…

Tree of Life engagement ring with blue topaz.
Tree of Life engagement ring with blue topaz.

We know how much you loved Turtle Love's Tree of Life wedding band, but check out how immensely gorgeous their new Tree of Life engagement rings are — especially accented with their colorful gemstones.

Classic Bezel Set Amethyst Engagement Ring
Classic Bezel Set Amethyst Engagement Ring

Speaking of their gemstones… With Turtle Love, each fair trade gemstone is closely tracked from mine to market to ensure that every gem has been handled according to strict protocols. The protocols include environmental protection, fair labor practices, health and safety standards, and a tight chain of custody that eliminates the possibility of treated gems or synthetics being introduced into the supply chain.

Classic Bezel Set Amethyst Engagement Ring
Cosmos Engagement ring with Moonstone

Also, check out that gorgeous moonstone engagement ring! (Although they're not certified fair trade, Turtle Love's moonstones come from a reputable and well-respected source, and the metal is still 100% recycled.) I think moonstone should totally be the new diamond.

 Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring with Garnet
Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring with Garnet

As always, Turtle Love is a GREAT source for men's wedding bands (almost all of which are recycled) and one-of-a-kind vintage engagement rings. You can also order whichever of Turtle Love's settings you like with whichever of their colored gemstone's tickle your fancy: just check out the amazing options here.

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Comments on A rainbow of fair trade gemstone engagement rings from Turtle Love

  1. Love this. I hate it when some of my friends say.. “Oh THAT isn’t a wedding ring! Its not a DIAMOND.” That crap frustrated the shit outa me. I love Amethyst. I picked the stone, and my husband picked a gorgeous antique-like setting for it. I get compliments on it, yet still people are surprised when I say its my actual wedding ring. Its awesome to see vendors actually have options for gemstones in rings.
    Still wish I could have had one made from the gemstone I kept for years…god that would have been cool…lol. The blue one with the branches on here is my FAVE!

  2. My fiancé couldn’t believe that I wanted a colored gemstone ring. I love vintage style jewelry. Vintage engagement rings didn’t typically have big honking diamonds. The stone was colored. My dream ring is May Welland’s ring in the movie “The Age of Innocence.” He and I selected a setting that we both liked and I had a blue topaz put in as the center stone. I love, love, love my ring.

    • I too love May Welland’s ring in The Age of Innocence movie, and I have been looking to buy a duplicate ring ever since the movie came out. But unfortunately, I have had no luck yet. I have purchased a few “almost like it” rings but after awhile I became dissatisfied with my purchases, and the hunt was on again. I will never be satisfied until I find that exact ring! I have talked to hundreds of jewelers but the rings they show me do not compare. So, I will now remain ringless and sad for the rest of eternity, or until I get my May Welland (Age of Innocence) engagement ring, whichever comes first.

      • I posted the above comment about looking to buy a duplicate of May Welland’s engagement ring from The Age of Innocence 6 years ago. I still haven’t found that gorgeous ring anywhere.

  3. Love these! People are still surprised when I say my mandarin garnet ring is an engagement ring, and it’s a trilogy and the two surrounding stones are diamonds. I wear it on the engagement/wedding finger! I like the reference to history, as Tamara said, since I’m training to be a history teacher. Plus it just suits me as I love orange. One of my best friends has a peridot in her engagement ring, similar style to mine. Kind of hope when any of our other friends get engaged they’ll get a different coloured gemstone in trilogy!

  4. So nice to see retailers getting on top of colored gem engagement rings! Plus I noticed they used recycled gold and silver – high five for sustainability! People don’t usually say anything, but I’ve received a few odd looks when I show folks my big, shiny peridot. Usually I ignore, but sometimes I tell the story: “He knew I didn’t want a diamond, and that peridot is my favorite rock. And he had the band and setting custom made entirely with gold he had found/scrounged/recycled (earring backs and the like). So I love it!”

  5. My absolute dream was a padparadscha sapphire but they cost thousands because of their rarity. I also thought about a Russian Alexandrite but where on earth would I ever find one? You can’t mine for them anymore, they cost a boatload of cash for an antique. I didn’t go looking for super rare gems, I just happened across them, saw the color and fell in LOVE. My heart sank when I found out more about them(like I’d have to be wealthy to own one) but then I saw peach sapphires and it was love all over again.
    I absolutely support colored gem engagement rings! There’s something so lush about the striking contrast between a bright jewel against the skin. Big props to this company for offering them.

    • My engagement ring has a synthetic alexandrite as a centre stone and while we were designing it I did extensive research about them as I’ve wanted a Russian one myself (I am an incurable Russophile and it’s just such a magnificent stone), so I know of this bummed-ness you speak of! 🙁

  6. These are all gorgeous! I love that they bill them as engagement rings as well, changing how things are labeled is so important.

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