Zendo game pieces and math table numbers from Danielle and Dave's geeky wedding

Picking out wedding favors was one of my favorite activities in wedding planning, but I know not everyone enjoys the task, so allow me to provide some wedding favor inspiration. Of course, as with everything wedding related, it's all optional, including the favors. But they can be awesome if you find the right stuff.

So far on my quest to help you find the perfect wedding favors I've profiled edible favors and rock ‘n roll favors and in this episode I'm bringing you my speciality… GEEKY WEDDING FAVORS!

Custom dice
Wedding dice favors can be custom ordered from Chessex like the above XKCD dice or these customized d6s.

Nintendo candies
Behold the Super Mario Brothers mushroom candy tin that holds apple sours. They also have them in red (cherry) and blue (raspberry). I also have fallen for these classic Nintendo controller mints.

Space Invaders chocolates
Make Space Invaders chocolates from this Space Invaders ice tray mold. A few forward-thinking people have realized that you can make chocolates out of these things. The picture above is from Think Geek's website and is just entitled “Pop Rocks infused chocolate? We're in love.” Yeah.

Lightsaber chopsticks
I was introduced to these lightsaber chopsticks by Tribe member Liz when we profiled her weird wedding survival kits. These are perfect if your geeky wedding is being held at a restaurant where they could put these to good use — these can double as their utensils and favors!

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Binary code anything
Basically, anything having to do with binary code would thrill us nerds. I found this kind of, okay REALLY, cool G33K binary key chain on Etsy.

Cootie catchers
Cootie catcher wedding programKeep your guests entertained with their favors with handmade cootie catchers these like these from Aerin & Jeremy's neo-victorian haunted museum wedding.


Pez dispensers
The great thing about Pez dispensers is that they come in all kinds of themes that can fit in with your particular class of geek. And omg, can you say perfect Pez cake topper?

Jennifer: GiantThese Dungeons and Dragons mini figurines doubled as wedding favors and place cards at Jennifer and Mordicai's wedding. Of course you can get figurines from any sub-genere of geekiness — Star Wars, Doctor Who, WoW and Star Trek to name a few of my favorites.

Scrabble magnets
favors: scrabble tile magnets!These Scrabble tiles turned magnets from Tribe member Hurricane Me‘s wedding are faaaaaabulous! People were able to choose their own letters — their initials or short words — as their favors. How great for a gamer geek wedding? Did you know you can buy bags of Scrabble tiles from Amazon? Easy peasy.

DIY snow globes:
Lizard in a SnowstormCheck out the genius that is Tribe member rhymeswithkosher‘s DIY snow globe favors. They collected Mason jars and created 100+ custom snow globes. You could also combine this with the figurine idea, as long as the figures are waterproof, and voila! Extra nerdy snow globes.

Color changing cups:
Party favorIn honor of one of my favorite OBB party favors — the mood changing cup from Corinne & Jesse's Alice In Wonderland Zombie Wedding. The cups turn purple when you put cold liquid in them.

Thanks to reader Catnippe for pointing me in the direction of these Brain Bender Puzzles. She says that since they're in crummy blister packs, she's going to repackage them in boxes or bags with ribbon and monogram seals for their wedding favors. And you can do that with any kind of puzzles or travel-size games and your guests will LOVE them.

LOVE computer style:
And thanks to OBB reader Celeste for showing me the L-O-V-E Keyboard Magnets. WOW. These are so geekily adorable.

Okay, now I leave it in your clever hands. Got any more ideas for the perfect geeky wedding favors? Leave 'em in the comments!

Comments on Geeky wedding favors for every genre of geekdom

  1. As a newly engaged geek, I can think of a scant few things that would get me more excited than the idea of geeky wedding favors. My particular brand of geekery generally revolves around language, graphic novels, the Internet and its delightful memes, and baseball, and I’ve already gotten to work trying to come up with the most delicious nerdy favors I can think of. My fiancée and I have bandied about the idea of baseball cards of us, with various “statistics” on the back and possibly awards and career highlights as well, as save-the-dates or invites, but they could serve as a nice memento as part of a favor bag. I think bad puns maybe also need to play a role in the favors.

    Thanks for the awesome ideas.

  2. im stealing the scrabble tile magnets!! not for the wedding necessarily, just the fridge lol! gotta make these! thank you!

    • I made scrabble tile magnets last year and they turned out amazing! Just get some tiny button magnets from the Jo Ann Fabrics website, or else Amazon.com and a bunch of those scrabble tiles. All you have to do is put a bead of hot glue on the back of the tile, push the magnet into it, making sure it’s level, and set it aside to dry. The biggest pain in the ass is making sure they don’t stick together before they dry, as it’ll tilt the magnet. Good luck!

      • How many tiles did you buy and for how many guests? I’m having a hard time trying to do the math ???? Thanks for the insight!

    • This doesn’t really have anything to do with your wedding favors, but Jenny’s dress was so pretty and unique 🙂

  3. Yay, finally! We considered making our very own soaps in the Space Invader or Pirate ice trays from Think Geek (very easily done with melt & pour soap). But I THINK we’ve finally decided on going with these wooden brain teaser puzzles I found that are $48 for a case of 48. We’ll repackage them with our initials and voila! Something to play with that reception!

    • Thanks! The one pictured was for my seat (and was giant!) but the rest were smaller, included the stats of the mini, were picked out specifically for each guest (there were only 29), and pitted them with and against other guests. Even the non-geeks enjoyed them.

  4. Nick says, “Yeah, I’d like a blue mushroom and a blue star wars thing-y.” Now, think you’ll be able to remember that until he gets married? 🙂 I love all the ideas!

  5. I love these ideas. For avid readers of science fiction or what have you, give books as favors. Check out your local thrift stores or used paperback books for some great selections.

  6. I love all these! We thought about doing the wooden or metal puzzles, or possibly Star Wars playing cards or something like that, but decided on having a few smaller items in a satin bag instead since most of our guests weren’t actually that geeky themselves and wouldn’t have any use for the stuff after the wedding. We did do the Star Wars cards for one guest since we did different favors for the kids =)

    We had an LED light keychain, heart-shaped hanging birdseed, some candy, a metal leaf bookmark for girls, a small screwdriver set thing for guys (not trying to be sexist, we just ran out of bookmarks and that was the easiest way to even it out), and then these:


    They’re magnets and the sticker on the outside of the case is custom printed by the company. Since we’re computer geeks we thought they were pretty rad. I can’t remember exactly which company we got them from since they’re sold from several, but they all do the printing, I think. Here’s one: http://www.blissweddingsmarket.com/store/love-keyboard-magnet-sets.htm

  7. Ah! I love all 3 favour articles! So many brilliant ideas!

    I love the idea of geeky favours, but sadly I don’t think most of our guests would appreciate, or even understand, them.

    But it’s definately given me a lot to build on. Conviniently right off the back of my mini-poll to discover that no one really likes getting 3 sugared almonds in a little bag.

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