You may or may not know that I'm a total dork, even Ariel attested to that fact during her last book reading. So every now and then when we get geeky wedding submitted to us, or when someone submits their photos to the Flickr pool, I get SUPER excited when I see really geeky cakes. Please to enjoy some of my favorites…

Katamari wedding cake

I love this Katamari Damacy wedding cake which just blows my freaking mind AND it looked delicious.

20080823_0004A Tardis cake from a Doctor Who themed wedding! (Fun fact: most OBB posts get written while I watch marathons of Doctor Who.)

Cutting CakeThe cake designer, Consumed by Cake explains this bad boy: “The bride and groom were a really fun couple and wanted the Star Trek insignia and Space Invaders on their cakes, but also something more ‘weddingy'… So we came up with glittery hearts and daisies.”

Homemade Transformers Wedding Cake
A homemade Transformers cake from Virginia & Darren's Transformers and Medieval merriment wedding!

Wow to this Dungeons and Dragons themed wedding cake.

IMGP1196Tribe member Miranda had this awesome Lego castle cake, complete with candy blocks!

lego cake!From a cake with Legos to a cake that IS a Lego! The bride explains, “The Lego Cake that I made the DAY BEFORE, with the Sculpy cake toppers made by my mom.”

A Pac-Man cake (full view of the cake here) from a gamer wedding.

Grooms cake by Dan SThe Gundam are “constructing” this groom's cake. And the cake toppers are the male and female robots from Godannar anime series.

This cake, from Cat and Andrew's sci-fi, gamer nerd wedding has a Scribblenauts theme with appearances by their other favorite video game characters.

STAR WARSAnd I will end it with this Millenium Falcon cake from Jax and Andy's wedding. Because this is how all things should end — with a Star Wars baked good.

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Comments on 12 deliciously geeky wedding cakes

  1. Woohoo! That red Lego brick cake was mine. 🙂 My husband and I made that cake the day before our wedding, where-as my Mom had those magnificent cake toppers done months in advance!

  2. kept telling myself that i would only get the hubs a groomscake if i found the perfect one….cue d&d….

    • I last minute rickrolled my guy with a grocery-store cake. I got him all built up for this surprise groom’s cake, then brought out a chocolate sheet cake reading “Never Gonna Give You Up” and a picture of Rick Astley. ;D

      • That is glorious! I rick rolled everyone at our reception by putting on the Macarena which record ripped into Never Gonna Give You Up. It was a huge laugh. I do so appreciate a good rick roll. Well done!

  3. Our current plan is for a basic white tiered cake, but with green ribbon with gold Hyrule symbols on it, lots of little fairies cascading down the cake, and the Master Sword thrust into the top. And the groom’s cake is a 1-up mushroom!

  4. Am I seeing this?? Optimus Prime and Bumblebee as the bride & groom? LOL LOL LOL LOL That just completely made my day.

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