You saw Erin and Peter's amazing Scott Pilgrim-inspired drink Kolder Holders in last week's Monday Montage, but guess what just popped up in our Offbeat Bride Flickr pool… Yes, that Tardis terrarium is only a taste of the wonder that is Erin and Peter's jaw-dropping centerpieces with tiny geeky references in glass jars from Ikea.

Check them all out!

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Oh look, it is!
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Lovers of the tv show Psych will get this and LOL. For those that don't, click here.
That's either a BIG mouse or a tiny version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- either way, how much do you love this!?

Want more geekery?

photography: Whitney Lee Photography

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Comments on Geeky terrarium centerpieces FTW!

  1. PLEASE share where you got your minis!
    I want to put a TARDIS in my Ladies of Awesome boxes

  2. so where do i find these jars? i really love the totoro one. i could probably make it myself but i was wondering if yall had any ideas. ?

  3. Awesome! We are doing little geeky fishbowls for our wedding in 4 weeks! Thank you for further inspiration.

  4. Yes! I’m dying to do this for our Sci-Fi wedding! Please tell me where you got all the tiny figures. I’ve been googleing my ass off and can’t find anything!

  5. These are genuinely original and just the right amount of nerdy. Stunning work and so darn cute it hurts!

  6. A PSYCH REFERENCE! I’ve never seen one ever! Aw, man, all of these jars are so awesome!!

  7. I really love this idea and I can’t wait to incorporate it my own wedding later this year. I have a question though. It seems like they are just on a mirror square. Would you put anything else with the terrariums on table? I am afraid they will seem lost in the center of a big table. What size mason jars do you recommend?

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