You saw Erin and Peter's amazing Scott Pilgrim-inspired drink Kolder Holders in last week's Monday Montage, but guess what just popped up in our Offbeat Bride Flickr pool… Yes, that Tardis terrarium is only a taste of the wonder that is Erin and Peter's jaw-dropping centerpieces with tiny geeky references in glass jars from Ikea.

Check them all out!

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Oh look, it is!
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Lovers of the tv show Psych will get this and LOL. For those that don't, click here.
That's either a BIG mouse or a tiny version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- either way, how much do you love this!?

Want more geekery?

photography: Whitney Lee Photography

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Comments on Geeky terrarium centerpieces FTW!

  1. I am so stealing this idea! Finally a use for all those collectables in our condo! It will be a lot of fun deciding who gets to sit at each table. It brings up interesting questions like, is Aunt Alice more of a zergling or a space marine?

  2. One in every of my most treasured possessions is a vaguely inappropriate photo of me and my partner with Chancellor Gowron (he’s type of humping me?) and Normal Martok.

  3. So… we weren’t the only people to have white IKEA mice representing HHGTTG at our wedding? Ours policed the card box.

    Can we be friends?

  4. I actually teared up at the Firefly terrarium. I realized I wanted to be friends/date my fiance when I realized he also watched Firefly.

    Plus, I miss that show.

  5. Totally stealing this. How do I find out where they got some of their pieces? Like the Serenity, companion cube, mini Star Trek/Wars vehicles? My googles have so far come up dry on affordable options.

  6. These are so wonderful! I showed them to my fiance and I think it was the first wedding-detaily thing he’s gotten genuinely excited about. We’re going to try and do our own versions, but I’m sort of stuck on where to get awesome mini figurines. Where did you find yours? Or does anyone out there have a rad figurine source up their sleeves?

  7. Wow, those are amazing. It is ok if I steal the idea? I am thinking of adding some Dr Horrible stuff as well.

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