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The offbeat bride: Fanny, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Graphic novelist wannabe (and Tribesmaid)

Her offbeat partner: Luis, Helpdesk, geek and muse

Location & date of wedding: Ceremony: Parroquia Sagrado Corazon de Jesus. Reception: Akbal Lounge, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico — October 31th, 2009

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What made our wedding offbeat: Luis and I where supposed to get married in July of this year in a wedding according to our culture and our families… but we aren't like that (I don't drink, he don't dance, we hate crowds and many other things). In July of 2009, we canceled everything, except our photographer and adventure, to have our wedding for Halloween, to be ourselves.


The raise of the Lego

Barbie girl

After that WE DIDN'T PLAN ANYTHING — just the obvious like separate a venue, some catering, get a dress, etc. We didn't plan a first dance, an entrance, or a schedule, we let it all flow. We didn't even meet the priest until we entered the church.

Just like the topper

Our cake was, at the last minute, made by the boyfriend of one husband's cousin, and our topper (at the last minute also) was a Corpse Bride figure he gave me years ago. Also we went to a local toy store because we didn't think about the location for our pictures — the manager was thrilled.

Boutounniers done by the me

Most of the things were done by me: invitations, boutounniers, favors, presentation, my friends fascinators, etc. The rest mostly we got it from the internet. Our reception site was a lounge bar on the second floor of a really old house in downtown Monterrey.

At the end was a little cozy lounge reception with lots of last minute things, close friends and family.

Happy turquoise

Our biggest challenge: I guess the biggest was dealing with the external opinion of our sudden rush to get married (most thought that i was pregnant) and the things we wanted to do. We were patient and explained why everything changed, and even with the drama we remained calm and smiled — everything was going to be like we wanted it.


Also the time. Getting a wedding dress was very difficult on such short notice, My husband's best friend was supposed to make our cake but he got troubles and at the end we got a cake one week before from a cousin-in-laws boyfriend, and many other things. We solved everything staying calm and smiling, if it wasn't meant to be it just wasn't.


To walk

My favorite moment: Everything because it was so random! But well…

I wanted a first dance but I was willing to not have it because my husband is very very shy and doesn't dance at all. When we entered the reception, on an improvised entrance speech by my husband's friend, my now husband asked to play a song wich was Lucky from Jason Mraz and he “danced” with me for thirty seconds then said, “Ok enough of the cheesy stuff let's have fun.”


"Look at us..."

My offbeat advice: Be very very patient and tolerant, people just don't think equal on anything, even more when you're an offbeat spirit. Try to listen and be polite and laugh! Sometimes you'll be surprised how even a really conservative persons can enjoy your ideas.


Groom's side

Also don't plan anything to the max (believe me you will not remember lots of things) and if something goes wrong on the wedding don't get stressed it's just details that can be easily solved — just trust in your partner, family and friends. THE BRIDE IS NOT THE ONLY PILLAR OF THE WEDDING.

"I'm getting married... i'm the bride... oh wait..."

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  1. Your dress is gorgous with a capital G and dont even get me started on the fascinators Wow

  2. Where did you get those amazing shoes?! I have been looking for comfortable turquoise heels to match my petticoat.

  3. Pardon my french, but you two have serious balls to do this! I don't think I could let so much go unplanned, so I really respect anyone that can – and everything looks perfect! Oh, and that Headpiece? GORGEOUS!!!

  4. I am SOOO in love with your wedding! 😀
    The pictures are just completely amazing! Some cute, some sexy, some just fun.. just perfect! 🙂
    Congrats to the both of you, I wish you the best 🙂

  5. Adorable! There is nothing about this that I don’t love! My favorite is the photo of your husband pushing you through the toy store on a flat…so creative and cute!

  6. The photo of her in front of the Barbies is stunning. Her dress is gorgeous and so is she! I wonder if I can come up with some creative photography locations for my upcoming wedding……all these awesome and unique weddings are so inspirational. Thank you, Ariel!

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