A geeky garden wedding with enough Doctor Who, Stargate, and space references to make you giddy

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All photos by Kari Bellamy.

If you could dream up a geeky celebration of love and life set in a garden, you'd probably come close to the wedding that Olivia and James had at The Old Rectory Bed and Breakfast in the UK's Great Malvern. These guys had two cakes (one with a Lego Stargate scenario on top and the other was a TARDIS), Olivia wore white Batman-adorned Converse, guests were assigned to a spaceship-labeled table for dinner, and Olivia also carried a TARDIS and a Golden Snitch as her good luck charms.

Did you get all of that? In addition to the mega load of geekery, there are also a lot of whimsical golden-and-pink touches throughout the photos from Kari Bellamy:


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Comments on A geeky garden wedding with enough Doctor Who, Stargate, and space references to make you giddy

  1. Oh I love this!!! The couple looks so happy! And I like how that incorporated geekiness without going full-on theme. This is what we want to do also!

  2. Oh man, I’m sending this to my FIL who is doing our photography, this is gorgeous!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is fantastic! We plan on having a Stargate wedding so to see someone bring it in so elegantly is a real pleasure. What a lovely wedding and gorgeous photography. The smiles say it all. A big thumbs up!

  4. omg, absolutely amazing!!! the decorations are fantastic, and the couple looks SO HAPPY!!!

    OBB – please do a full feature on this wedding! I would love to hear about the planning process, the ceremony, etc.

    My FH and I are also planning to do spaceship tables instead of numbered tables! (OBB-ers are such proof of the fact that “great minds think alike.”) I’m curious what other spaceships there were, and where you got the models from.

  5. Stargate, Doctor Who AND Batman stuff at a wedding? *fans self*

    This may be my favourite wedding ever (I’m in love with those shoes). And I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but the kiss-with-a-dip totally reminded me of ‘Window of Opportunity.’ 😀

  6. Please tell me how I can get those batman converse!! They are absolutely amazing!!

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