Jason and Heather (aka OBT member Peloria) kind of killed it with her geektastic invitations. I don't think there was one microcosm of geek meme-ery that they missed! Let's play “how many nerd references can you find?” (I lost count after 16 or 17.)

Now check out the back of the invite…

Heather explains how these came about…

“I bought 8.5 x 5.5 plain invites and envelopes at Michael's (for just $10!!!), then designed and printed them myself. We're going with sort of a ‘Sweet Geek' style. The text has references to movies and video games we love, Internet memes and other geek speak.”

But don't worry, their wedsite will have “decoding” for guests that don't quite understand what they're talking about.

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Comments on “Sweet geek” wedding invitations ftw!!!1!

  1. Counting internet abbreviations I got 18 (I’m ashamed to admit I only got the red shirt reference on the second reading).

    All of them made me smile but it was ‘burnination’ that had me grinning like a little kid. (I also love the idea of needing to earn enough XP to marry.)

    And on top of all that awesomeness this invite looks amazing! For some reason it makes me think of cupcakes, even without reading the promises of cupcakes at the wedding. 😀

  2. Oh.



    I love these invites with every fiber of my girly geeky gamer being.

    The gil/munny/Rupees thing is genius. This might be the classiest, most adorable way to ask for money in lieu of gifts ever.

    And the Kingdom Hearts shout-out! “Got it MEMORIZED?” And the burnination! And and and! *Sigh* I have invite lust.

  3. I love it!! It’s geeky, and it’s cute! 🙂

    Also 101010 is a binary representation of the number 42, which is the answer to the “Ultimate Question of Life the Universe and Everything” … a la Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 🙂

    My fiance and I are both software engineers, so we included pseudocode on our wedding invitation that led to our website where there’s a flash movie of the same pseudocode that the guests get to ‘Compile’ into an invitation. The jury is still out on how many of our family members failed to find the website address amidst the pseudocode…

    • That makes me want to hurry up and get married NEXT MONTH!!! Bummer that that won’t be possible for me, but YAY for everyone who picked the date! 🙂

  4. This invitation is super cool! I’m a little unsure about putting registry info/asking for money on the invite, though, isn’t that a no-no?

    • Actually, they didn’t ask for money.
      ‘Munny’ was yet another geek reference.
      They are very creepy looking little vinyl dolls.

  5. I think this confirms just how much of a geek I am not. LOL! But I can appreciate this because I love the colors and it looks super fun!

  6. All your gifts are belong to us made my computer crash!

    Okay, not really, but all your base are belong to us sure did back in the day!

    Love these!

  7. This is awesome! I didn’t get all the references but got enough to give me a big smile! Love the originality.

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