Look at all these customizable lesbian cake topper options from Custom Laser Studio

Unhappy truth: It's hard to find an abundance of gay-friendly and/or gender-neutral wedding stuff. Our gender-bending, same-sex-loving friends constantly get the shaft. Recently, we got a request for advice on where to find same-sex cake toppers, so I thought I'd show you some of the ones I've found over the years…

Weddingstar is an interesting company. They're the ones that brought us some of the most barf-tastic and insulting cake toppers, but they're also one of only companies that make a bride-in-a-suit topper and sell their mini-people in separates, like this bride, and the more casual groom in grey.

Gay unicorn cake toppers on Etsy. Photo by Wild About You Photography
Lesbian cake topper from Etsy seller Custom Laser Studio

How much do we love that this cake topper has two brides in suits? And then there's this one, with two high-fiving brides:


And then of course there's this “Finally Mr & Mr” gay cake topper.

But maybe you don't want that laser-cut vibe. Maybe you want cute little sculptures. BEHOLD!

nerdy gay caketoppet
Adorably nerdy gay cake toppers from World Cake Topper


When you also really love dinosaurs…. GAY DINOSAURS!



STAAAAHP. How cute are these little bear grooms?

Does anyone else out there have advice on where to find good gay and lesbian cake toppers? If so, leave 'em in the comments.

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Comments on Unique gay and lesbian cake toppers

  1. I love all the animal s&p shakers/cake toppers. I’m a sucker for adorable animals, what can I say? Besides “Who’s a widdle CUDDLE WUDDLE FACE?!” that is.

    And dude, guys, way to pamper us with 4 updates in a day. Careful, or we’ll get used to this. 😉

    • love these! also check out http://www.gayketoppers.com for the discriminating cake topper for those who do not discriminate…. a universal caketopper designed and hand-crafted by a lesbian architect in pasadena, ca. the specular aluminum rings are packaged in a glass jar with a tea candle to allow transformation from cake topper or sculptural object into a tea light lantern (tea light included) – see website for transformation into lantern.

  2. I’ve seen LOTS of cute animal wedding toppers on etsy. I was thinking of getting those mainly because I hate how cheesy a lot of bride/groom wedding toppers are.

  3. hah, we actually considered the last of your suggestions for our fairy springfest wedding :DD because honestly, if it’s hard trying to find lesbian cake toppers, it’s nearly impossible to find lesbian FAIRY cake toppers. i love that “sisters by heart” one though. a lot.

    we might just opt out of cake toppers completely, or make them ourselves.
    i had a brief moment of wanting to use my highly adorable miniature my little pony figures.. until my fiancées look popped my bubble of excitement 🙁 she’s right, of course… but they would’ve rocked that cake.

  4. We’re using Simpsons figurines — we’re a straight couple, but goddamn I hate those standard cheesy as a toastie cake toppers. And I’m a nerd.

    • We’re using Han and Leia action figures as our cake toppers! Action figure cake toppers ftw!

  5. If you were doing cupcakes and into diy, I would suggest going to a toy store/model building store. They should have various models in various scales (army guys, people to hang out on model train landscapes, etc) that can be painted however you want. Gender neutral, maybe not so much. Customizable for race and sexual orientation? Totally.

  6. ..Actually my parents got me and my sister the sisters one when we were younger as a gift as a symbol of family unity.

    but okay. haha

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