What Game of Thrones can teach us about the “perfect” wedding

Guest post by Babeowulf
Cheers to the "perfect" Game of Thrones wedding-inspired coffee mug.
Cheers to the “perfect” Game of Thrones wedding-inspired coffee mug.

Let's talk about the “perfect” wedding. Why do we all hear (and use) this term for everything when we plan a wedding?

It wasn't until I was re-watching the first season of Game of Thrones that I caught just how dumb it sounds…

Sansa keeps talking about how “perfect” her wedding will be, even though she knows she will be marrying the most hated son-of-a-bitch of all time. Like the “perfect wedding” excuses anything that has happened (or will happen)… because she will get the wedding she wants.

Of course, it isn't quite that we are all being delirious about our lives turning magical post-wedding. Most of us just want things to go as envisioned. But why set ourselves up for failure?

Every bridal magazine is guaranteed to be plastered with the words “perfect,” “flawless,” or “must-have.” When, really, the only “must” is that two people like each other enough to make some sort of official binding decree.

Well-intentioned friends and family have been making suggestions that are usually followed by “this would be PERFECT!” and I could never tell if I just hated the idea or hated the salesmanship. I think now it is more the salesmanship. Some of the ideas were good starts, but not ideas that needed no improvement. If we could all mind-read, this would be way easier.

My wedding will not be perfect. Someone will drink too much. Another will wish the cake was a different flavor. Maybe a groomsmen will fart at a silent part of the ceremony. Hell, I may accidentally let a nervous one rip. No one knows 'til it actually happens.

I hope that my wedding and everyone else's goes at least according to plan for the most part and that they are happy with the end result. (Hopefully the desired end result is marriage).

All I can say is that no wedding will be perfect. “It is known.”

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