All Saints long parachute dress
Y'all, I'm bugging OUT over this photo that Dr Bojangles submitted to our Flickr Pool. Her and her wife's AMAZING wedding fashions are just rocking my world, not only because I spy the parachute dress as a wedding gown, but also because of the shoes, the skirt/suit situation, their hair, and that incredible ink! Swoonage to the extreme.

But that's just the tip of this week's round-up… there are a couple furry wedding creatures, a sweet wedding ring set, and a romance novel-inspired wedding invite hand-drawn by a groom…

SDC13015Two things about this photo…

  1. Dr Bojangles noted: “Yeah, we had a guest dressed as a giant fluffy white cat at our wedding.”
  2. OMG the parachute dress was traded out for this short and sassy reception dress.

ring bearerAnd here's our next furry wedding guest! Look how much Tribesmaid Pleasebehere‘s adorable ring bearer liked this bouquet. D'awwwww.

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 10.46.33 AMSpeaking of bouquets, Realgirlrunway tagged us in this Instagram pic of her finished non-flower bouquet. And she included a little “thank you” note for the inspiration. You're welcome, my darling.

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 11.09.38 AM
Check out how Tribesmaid Enigmaticlemon‘s nifty wedding ring set from Wexford Jewelry combines to make this flower-y gorgeousness.

beardbookmarkTribesmaid Worthafortune‘s partner Woody created this awesome romance novel-inspired wedding invitation! She explains:

Woody knows (and loves) my obsession with romance novels and has drawn another amazing portrait of us as a romance novel hero and heroine. And it looks freaking AMAZING!

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Comments on Reader Round-up: Fuzzy cuteness, custom invites, and non-floral bouquets

  1. I thought that invitation said “The Beard and the Boobmark” and I was 100% on board. Then I realized it was “Bookmark” and my on-boardness rocketed up to 300%!

    • Wait, that’s not what it says?

      I seriously didn’t realize I was reading it wrong until you told me.

    • There was extensive discussion about boobmark vs bookmark on the Tribe — let’s just say Worthafortune and Woody are well aware of the issue, and dealing with it in Photoshop. 🙂

  2. Yes! It now says bookmark. While boobmark would have been amazing to about 3/4 of my guests, the other 1/4 would have been totally confused!

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