This video proves how wedding rituals can be super creepy out of context

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Random rice throwing, out-of-place formalwear, and children carrying expensive things… all things that totally fly at weddings, but are weirdorama in real life. Let's get creeped out together and get a midday rib tickle with this Buzzfeed Video:


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Comments on This video proves how wedding rituals can be super creepy out of context

  1. I stumbled across this video yesterday and it was hilarious. That guy just looks so over the top creepy it just makes the video.

  2. Yep, this is how my Other Half feels about all the “traditional” wedding stuff at any point. (Especially trusting kids with valuables. Not gonna happen.) He did it once because his ex wife was hell-bent on Doing it Right but hated the whole thing. So, not this time. 🙂

    • Yeah my fiance and I are not having a ring bearer. Everyone keeps asking who our ring bearer is going to be and I’m like we’re not having one! Plus that’s one less gift we have to buy!

  3. I think that wandering around doing normal things in formal wear is more fun than creepy. Way more fun than wearing formal wear to formal events. I remember once, as a counsellor at a summer camp at Duke which hosts *lots* of weddings in the summer because they have this gorgeous church, we were playing a pretty epic game of ultimate frisbee on the lawn and a couple in full formal wear – tux for him, beautiful full length red silk dress for her – walked past us on the way to a wedding, and stopped and asked if they could join. They played an over, one on each side, and she was amazing, with her red dress flying behind her, and heels left at the edge of the field. Nowhere near creepy.

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