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so youre going to sit through a wedding funny wedding program on offbeat bride
Photo by Anne-Marie Bouchard

We recently featured Karen and Ian's amazing swords and boards geek-tacular wedding, to much praise. However, one element was hinted at, but lacked details… it was their program entitled, “So You're Going to Sit Through a Wedding.”

We asked Karen to give us more information, and she admitted that Ian did the writing since he has a flair for comedy.

Want to steal this funny wedding program for your own wedding day!

Of course you do, because this hilarious wedding program has been shared on Pinterest over 250,000 times!

We've got a peek at the text of the funny wedding program, and then also a downloadable fully editable file so that you can customize the text and make it your own.

Now, this very funny wedding program includes all of the information that's very specific to Karen & Ian's wedding — explaining where to go and when, how to use the couple's DIY photo booth, and the ins-and-outs of all of their geeky details including the chocolate dice and giant inflatable D20.

…But the program also gracefully and humorously informs everyone about the touchy details of the booze supply and the DJs “do not play” list.

Want to avoid tons of questions when you just want to snog your partner and relax?

This kind of program could save your sanity. Even grandmas find it hilarious:

funny wedding program on offbeat bride

Here's the text of the funny wedding program:

funny wedding program on offbeat bride

funny wedding program on offbeat bride

Want to make a funny wedding program like this for YOUR wedding

Over 250k shares on Pinterest can't be wrong. If you want to steal this idea for YOUR wedding, you can download the FULLY EDITABLE funny wedding program file now.



Comments on Funny wedding program: So you’re going to sit through a wedding – DOWNLOADABLE FILE

  1. Fun! Ours included some explanation, but several pages of games (word search, crossword puzzle, etc) to stay entertained before wedding (which ended up starting late), and at reception (or when they went home and couldn’t sleep before finishing, or whatever).

  2. I love, love, love this! I think something like this would be so much fun for our guests and really reflect our personalities!
    On the glass-clinking thing: I went to a wedding where the couple would only kiss if you sang a few bars from a love song into the DJ’s mic…pretty fun, too!

  3. This is way too much fun! I never liked the basic program! This is definitely going on the “honey can we please PLEASE add this to the wedding!” list! Thanks!

  4. I added one to ours, please feel free to rewrite to fit your needs.

    None of this seems very traditional.

    Well I don’t know if you’ve met the bride or groom yet but you may notice that one of their best features is actually their out of norm-ness. Lets just say that you’re lucky they’re not being married by a Chewbacca Elvis impersonating rabbi; though not from a lack of trying.

    • “Chewbacca Elvis impersonating rabbi”

      I just about fell off the couch!!! LOVE this! I’ve gotten so tired of hearing my mother say things like, “but you NEED to do this. People EXPECT this.”

      • Every time my mom gives me ‘that’ look, I remind her that I may be her only girl but I’m me and she’d be bored if I wasn’t who I am and did what I want.

  5. Ok… I admit it… after I saw this I got inspired to do something similar. But not for my wedding… for a school fact sheet on Presbyopia! It was fun!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I can tell you two are a bunch of fun. Thinking of borrowing the idea with a few changes. I’ll probably make it rather fancy pants looking. Traditional looking stationary with anything but traditional wording.

  7. Our ceremony was very short due to my intense shyness in front of large groups of people and the fact that we were already officially married (we had done a proper ceremony at City Hall with our immediate family the day before). For us, the day of the wedding was about having fun with family and friends. Our ceremony itself was more private.

    But I agree that a wedding is very personal and needs to be decided on by the couple involved. Not everything works for everyone. 🙂

  8. This is awesome! Definitely an entertaining and informative piece to add to any wedding or event!

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