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so youre going to sit through a wedding funny wedding program on offbeat bride
Photo by Anne-Marie Bouchard

We recently featured Karen and Ian's amazing swords and boards geek-tacular wedding, to much praise. However, one element was hinted at, but lacked details… it was their program entitled, “So You're Going to Sit Through a Wedding.”

We asked Karen to give us more information, and she admitted that Ian did the writing since he has a flair for comedy.

Want to steal this funny wedding program for your own wedding day!

Of course you do, because this hilarious wedding program has been shared on Pinterest over 250,000 times!

We've got a peek at the text of the funny wedding program, and then also a downloadable fully editable file so that you can customize the text and make it your own.

Now, this very funny wedding program includes all of the information that's very specific to Karen & Ian's wedding — explaining where to go and when, how to use the couple's DIY photo booth, and the ins-and-outs of all of their geeky details including the chocolate dice and giant inflatable D20.

…But the program also gracefully and humorously informs everyone about the touchy details of the booze supply and the DJs “do not play” list.

Want to avoid tons of questions when you just want to snog your partner and relax?

This kind of program could save your sanity. Even grandmas find it hilarious:

funny wedding program on offbeat bride

Here's the text of the funny wedding program:

funny wedding program on offbeat bride

funny wedding program on offbeat bride

Want to make a funny wedding program like this for YOUR wedding

Over 250k shares on Pinterest can't be wrong. If you want to steal this idea for YOUR wedding, you can download the FULLY EDITABLE funny wedding program file now.



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Comments on Funny wedding program: So you’re going to sit through a wedding – DOWNLOADABLE FILE

  1. Wow…that’s awesome. Particularly heading off the glass-clinking. Very well done, that is SO annoying!

    I wish it made sense to copy you just for the reception – I’d love to make a handout with questions like “which of these weird beers should I drink” (all of them!), “why did you put me at a table with half strangers?” (to make friends), and “where are the favors?” (nowhere but you should pillage the room before you leave!).

  2. This was pretty much all Ian – he’s really good at coming up with stuff like this, whereas I’m not at all! I’m glad people liked this. It was a big hit at our wedding too. 🙂

    • Love this! Such a wonderful way to set the tone and to showcase the groom’s talents!

  3. Absolutely adored the dice-rolling kiss! Fantastic! Though we beat it by not using glass- sadly, plastic makes a bit of a noise too:(

  4. I love this!! I’m saving it for 5 years! My boyfriend and I have a 5 year plan… we are going to wait 5 years to get married!

  5. Thanks for posting this! I saw the photo in the original post and was dying to see what was inside. I have to say…I was not disappointed. 😀

  6. Love this, it is great!! Especially the part about not clinking glasses. I refuse to go running across the room because someone is tapping a glass. I may have to steal it and try to find a variation of our own 🙂

  7. On the topic of glass clinking…one of the highlights from our reception actually was my grandpa clinking his glass repeatedly, a huge smile on his face each time. He had kept his fork hidden under his napkin when dishes were picked up so that he could have it all night. Ha ha! Grandma kept telling him to leave us alone, but we found it amusing and obliged him each time.

    My opinion on that out of the way…I do think this program is cool! I’d get a kick out of receiving something like that at a wedding. It’s entertaining and useful.

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