Flipping out, flipping skirts, and flipping the bird: offbeat bridesmaid at their best

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We showed you funny groomsman photos, now it's time for the ladies to have their day in the sun. Here are offbeat bridesmaids at their best…

SKWedding 534

Let's kick it off with Offbeat Bride Tribe member Leavesoflorien's crew. This one reminds me a lot of the photo that inspired the funny groomsman photo roundup.

wedding 067
This one's my favorite, for obvious reasons of sass, from Tribe member Bunnyheffner.

amazing bridal party
This one from Sara is entitled “amazing bridal party,” and it is indeed amazing. 😛

my girls and my boy
Photo ops with the groom and the bridesmaids are always fun.

Wind is often the enemy of bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids and champagne
Yes to this.

I have strong bridesmaids :)
What did I say about groom and bridesmaid photos? Always awesome.

Molly and Andrew in Austin, TX 5
Bridesmaids rarely go for the hardcore look.

thirsty work
This one was titled “thirsty work.”

Literally hundreds of colored dresses.
This is probably one of our all time favorite bridesmaid photos.

Getting silly during portrait photo time.

Photo by Brian Offidani
Gotta love it when the ladies flash a little leg… especially when there are stripy tights involved.

Bridesmaids into the deep end
Best to end the roundup with a splash, yes? You only get one shot with this one, and it's freaking bridal photo MAGIC!

If you guys have any funny and/or outstanding bridal party shots, by all means, add 'em to our Flickr pool!

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Comments on Flipping out, flipping skirts, and flipping the bird: offbeat bridesmaid at their best

  1. Love each and every one of these pictures, everyone looks like they’re having a great time! So awesome.

  2. The word ‘bridesmaid’ fills me with terror. These photos totally disprove any such notion. rock on girls! Rock on!

  3. I love that Bunnyheffner used that cute Rocksteady dress with the swallows for her ladies! I have that dress and love it!!

  4. Yay! Photo Credz for my photo — http://www.marcusnee.com (would probably make his day after the Chch quake he got caught up in!)
    P.S That grumps wee flowergirl is hubby’s niece, she’s gorgeous. You should have seen her carefully coordinated Justin Beiber dance moves later in the night!

  5. These are fantastic photos!! So full of life and badassery. This is what being a bridesmaid should be about 😀

  6. Love these pictures!

    Anyone know where the dresses in the “thirsty work” picture are from?

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