Funky wedding invitations from Corndog Industries

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Unique wedding invitationsDesigner Erin Blankley offers wonderfully weird custom wedding invitations as part of her burgeoning design firm, Corndog Industries. Erin's past custom work is full of inspiring designs like Ouija Board-influenced invites you see here, plus even wilder stuff like coffin-themed and Van Halen rocker invitations. She's got gentler designs too, of course.

Corndog Industries offers three tiers of pricing options, and is offering a special promotion to offbeat brides with free guest addressed envelope printing with Price Packages A or B. That's 100-200 smackers off, easy! Just mention Offbeat Bride when you get in touch to take advantage of the discount.

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  1. i'm glad i just finished a screen printing class. now i can make those ouija invites for less than $50! woo hoo

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