Anatomical hearts and octopuses: funky headbands for yo’ head

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Last week we featured a little hairstyle tutorial that required a headband. And then this week I stumbled on some killer headbands. Fate? Maybe so. Some are wild, and some are tame, but they all make a statement. And the statement is “I'm awesome.”

fixing the headdress

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Check yo head and tell us what will be on it in the comments. Oh, and here's more headpiece inspiration if you're looking!

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Comments on Anatomical hearts and octopuses: funky headbands for yo’ head

  1. I’d wear the POW one. But not the bee one, I friggin hate bees. Not that it’s not cute.

  2. That pow one would be sweet for comi-con!
    Im a fan of the bee one as well! I keep thinking it’d go awsome with a bumble costume.
    I have also been in LOVE with that headdress for a long time.

  3. I actually have a thought bubble with a heart from the lady who did the pow. She is fantastic to work with. I actually also got my while bridal pay stuff from her!

  4. I have the blue glitter star one from JanineBasil on etsy (Pow headpiece) and used it for my wedding, great stuff! I’d love to get more from her!

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