I need inspiration for fun, non-blah wedding party poses!

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You've featured non-sucky, offbeat, original suggestions for shoes, wedding rings, etc., but I couldn't find a thorough compendium of fun, non-sucky wedding pictures/poses. More specifically, I was looking for inspiration for nice, fun wedding party pictures.

I like the “everyone jumping!” and “everyone running!” poses I've seen all over the web, but I wonder if there is anything even better. You know, like this one with the brides going down the slide. -Aline

I thank you for this question SO HARD. Wedding party photos can be all over the place: some couples reserve a ton of time for this part of the day, and others either can't or don't think about it until it's too late. If they're shot before the ceremony everyone's a little nervous, and if they're shot after everyone's ready to party, so there's a delicate song and dance that must be done before the people getting married, their parties, and the photographer(s) are happy.

HAVING SAID THAT… awesome and fun wedding party photos are totally possible! Here are a few things to keep in mind and the photos to go with:

Be spontaneous

The best part about this was that it wasn't planned — the words “someone pick up Anna!” just kind of flew out of my mouth, and this is what happened:

This one is another that looks totally spontaneous to me — I feel like the photographer was all “We're finished!” so everyone relaxed, and then this moment was captured by W Scott Chester Photography:

Know your friends

Are your friends going to be comfortable doing off the wall stuff like piling up in a heap… or would they really rather just stand in a line, grin, and get it over with? Or are they runners?

RUNNING! The Wedding Cabal

Couldn't you use a BIG HUG on your wedding day? You might remember this photo from this Monday Montage.

The bridal party

Play on the traditional

So maybe you guys DO end up all in a line… it doesn't mean your photos have to feel boring for you. What about standing in a line with a little twist:

From our post, Karen's granny-tastic wedding decor will make your heart flutter

Walk and Talk

Never underestimate the potential coolness of the “walk and talk” shot. You can do this with your wedding party, family, or just the two of you:





Add props

You can also bring PROPS, like Karen and Ian did.

Weapons n182000398_30069445_1539 Pick a Colour … Any Colour …

Include inside jokes

I LOVE IT when families and friends want to take a photo or two based on an inside joke they have:

Andrea & Juan's Sonoma wedding IMG_0146

PS: If you want even more inspiration browse Offbeat Bride's bridesmaids board on Pinterest.

What tips do you have for taking awesome wedding party photos — and where are the links to photos to back them up?

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  1. On of my favorite shots from our wedding was taken of my best friend (and MOH) as we linked arms and skipped across a field to the designated “picture spot”. I didn’t realize the photographer took it. We’re giggling. It came out really cute. It seems like when people do the “jumping” shot, everyone’s face is a concentrating-on-not-falling-down-grimace/smile. But people seem to just grin when they skip around!

  2. Also – why was this posted AFTER my wedding! Dang! All the cool stuff is posted now when I have no need of it! 🙁 Poo!

  3. OMG! This is great! I’ve been looking for examples like this for engagement photos (we’re doing them tomorrow) and I can’t find anything except holding hands while walking on a path or really ridiculous awkward engagement photos. Could y’all do a post on awesome engagement photos?

    • I know this is 3 years too late for you, but it may help someone else. For our engagement photos we started dancing and spinning around holding hands. It was totally spontaneous and ridiculous, but it had me laughing my butt off and made the rest of the photos so much more natural.

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