Fuck taffeta

February 13 2007 | offbeatbride

New apron!

I love this shot of my psychic day-cabbie friend Vera rocking her "Fuck Taffeta" offbeat t-shirt. She's even got a coordinating apron! So adorable.

Even cuter is how Vera admitted that she had no idea what taffeta even was before buying the shirt. She's not alone: familiarity with taffeta is seemes to be esoteric knowledge held primarily by those who obsessed over prom dresses in high school, and those who work in textiles/fashion. In the last year, I've met one man who was familiar with taffeta, and more than a few women who were like "taffy? feta cheese? what?"

Anyway, for those of you who have purchased offbeat t-shirts, I'd love to see you modeling them! You can either slap your photo on flickr and tag it "offbeat bride" or you can email your photo me.

(Thanks to Verabug for the photo!)

  1. When I mentioned your "fuck taffeta" t-shirts to my mom, she thought they referred to a TYPE of taffeta. Like there's pink taffeta, striped taffeta, and fuck taffeta. And now I can't stop wondering just what fuck taffeta would be…. 🙂

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  2. Yeah, I'm making my bridesmaids wear taffeta, and I fully expect at least one of them to send me this shirt.

    If only I had thought to order the dresses in fuck taffeta instead of blue.

  3. Might have to get one of these, seeing as my name is Taffeta. And no I am not wearing my namesake at my wedding, nor are any of the bridesmaids.

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