4 people who are going to unexpectedly LOVE the Lovesick Expos

January 6 2014 | offbeatbride

Offbeat Bride's Lovesick Expos are fast approaching. The Lovesick Expo has been representing the unrepresented in the wedding world for six years running, uniting the best wedding vendors across the country and the people who need them the most. This is the wedding show for the good people who would never go to your typical "bridal show." Not to mention, booze, burlesque, giveaways and other fun surprises in each city.

Our publisher Ariel is going. Are you? Are your partners? Are your parents?

You totally should, because some folks who you might not expect to love a wedding fair are going to totally love it…

1. Your guys

The Lovesick Expos are totally, completely dude-friendly. Take it from longtime Offbeat Bride reader Kisså who attended Philadelphia Lovesick last year with her dude:

My fiancé Todd and I went to Lovesick and he actually had a good time (he's not a huge fan of crowds, so he was kinda uncomfortable, but not because anyone treated him badly). He also won us an engagement photo session, which was AWESOME. And we both enjoyed the burlesque and the cash bar, plus going into the photo booth (we're both kinda addicted to photo booth pictures).

The great thing about Lovesick was that it was at the World Cafe Live, which is an awesome venue (and would make a great venue for a rock 'n' roll wedding), so we grabbed some cushy couch seats in the mezzanine and sipped beers while waiting for the drawing and watching burlesque. Plenty of room for a guy to relax and not feel out of place.

2. Your gays

If you're wondering if the event is LGBT-friendly, the answer is OH YES. Like, hard. In fact, Tom, one of the creators of the Lovesick Expo, explains that the entire event is built around inclusivity:

Nothing is more important to us than creating a welcoming, safe, and friendly event. We speak with all of our vendors about our desire to create a place where all attendees can meet progressive, like-minded vendors.

…Even the name, "Lovesick Wedding Expo" was crafted to exclude the term "bridal expo."

3. Your super-conservative parents

So, your parents aren't quite buying into your offbeat wedding visions? They keep pushing for a ballroom wedding and a white gown? Lovesick is the answer, and a Tribesmaid is here to tell you why:

I went to Lovesick two years ago and it was amazing… We had free snacks from vendors (so much cake/cookies), free goodies, a burlesque show, and even a tuba-playing guy roaming around. I harass all of my friends that have gotten engaged to go and to bring people. It's the best way to get parents to open their minds a little to weddings that are not at a country club.

4. Your polyamorous quad

Ok, so we know the vendors don't make assumptions about whether you're marrying a man or a woman or other/both/neither… but Lovesick is definitely the best wedding expo for a non-traditional coupling, or even a quadrupling…

I just bought my tickets to the Boston Lovesick! Looks like my whole polyamorous quad will be tagging along with me, so it should be a good time for all four of us to have some fun while fiancé and I (hopefully) hammer out a few more wedding details for our April wedding.

So yeah: guys, gays, possibly-uptight parents, and polyamorous quads… they're all going to have a great time, and we'll see you there soon!

We can't wait to see you at Offbeat Bride's 2016 Lovesick Expos:

New York, 1/9/2016
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Philly, 1/10/2016
Buy Philly tickets!

Boston, 1/17/2016
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Seattle, 1/24/2016
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Atlanta, 1/31/2016
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Los Angeles, 2/20/2016
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Denver, 2/21/2016:
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Bay Area, 2/27/2016
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But for those of you who left the comfort of our loving arms, what did you unearth at mainstream wedding expos?

  1. I wish I could go, but I'm smack dab in the middle of the country and it's far too far away. Chicago Lovesick, anyone?

    1 agrees
  2. The guys who started Lovesick DJ'd and filmed my wedding. They are by far two of the COOLEST people in the wedding industry. Went to their Philly event 2 years ago and had a blast, jealous of everyone going!!

    1 agrees
  3. I can't wait for the San Francisco one! My fiance, mom, future mother in law, and three bridesmaids (one of whom is engaged herself) are going. SO looking forward to February!

  4. I'm going to Boston! With 2 of my girlfriends and possibly my fiance (it depends on if he remembered to ask for that day off from work). We're all looking forward to it!

    Also, Ariel, pack WARM! Its going to be cold here this weekend!

  5. Oh, my dude is totally coming to Denver, so Megan won't be the only one. I think that my friend is also bringing her man, and I am trying to get all the gays up in there too!!! 🙂 <3 DENVER WILL BE EPIC, if I have anything to say about it.

    1 agrees
  6. I went to the Lovesick expo last time it came around Brooklyn. And I HATED it. My now-husband and I had never felt so judged at a wedding type expo before… There were a few vendors who were very nice, and actually interested in what I had to say, but other than that I was blown off or ignored.

  7. Hey Jessi!

    My name is Jon and my business partner and I run the Lovesick Expo. I am so terribly sorry that you felt judged at our show. This is a labor of love for us and as such, it's very upsetting to hear that you had a bad experience.

    If you'd be down to chat I would really appreciate hearing your story and learning more about your experience. We're constantly trying to improve the show and if there is something we can do to make it better based on your experience we will absolutely make changes.

    You can contact me directly at jon.lovesickinc@gmail.com and I'd be happy to give you my cell number so that we can chat.

    3 agree
  8. So very,very,very excited!! Did I mention i cant wait tell love sick san fran…Just confirmed our airbnb room for the night before and the night of so we can be well rested and have a fun full day with out being rushed to drive home afterwards…i wish it wasnt on v-day weekend..but since it is we are using it as our vday get away… just bought my show tickets also so we are there!!

  9. I want to go to the ATL one but is there any budget( I SMALL budget) friendly vendors? I've never been to a wedding expo, and all I can imagine its never affordable.
    I am excited just about the atmosphere and giveaways!

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