Friday freakout: wedding wedges [Updated for 2022!]

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This week I'll be panting over wedges. I'm a huge fan of wedges because they give you that lift of a heel, without the stab of a stiletto (or even the wobble of a kitten heel).

As always, I aimed for a range of colors (white wedges! red wedges! blue wedges!) and costs (from forty bucks affordable to zomg those shoes almost cost as much as my entire wedding budget).

Yet again I went maybe a little overboard with my selections. Gird your shoe loins, ladies. We're going in…

Random bonus shoe

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Comments on Friday freakout: wedding wedges [Updated for 2022!]

  1. Noooooooo! I already have several pairs of possible wedding shoes (yes, I have a problem!) and now I’ve gone and bought the blue Mel wedges! I originally bought the heel versions but couldn’t walk in them- I’m terrible in heels and I have narrow feet too, so they kept slipping off. That said I could not resist a wedge style with a strap!

  2. the more I look, the more I love them – especially the ones with the all-in-one-piece look. now to check the shoes budget….

  3. This is great! I never realized ModCloth had so many affordable and fun shoes. I want to wear blue shoes (something blue) – and they have a ton that look like I won’t die wearing them all day. You are a genius

  4. I can vouch for the minty/sagey green peeptoe maryjanes – I bought them to wear to a friend’s wedding, danced like crazy for hours, and my feet were still pretty happy by the end of the reception. All this from a lady who pretty much never wears anything besides Birkenstocks.

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