Big 'ol smile-inducing wedding photography from small-town New Brunswick's Kandise Brown

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Kandise Brown lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, which is a tiny, traditional Canadian province where you may not expect to find a non-traditional wedding photographer. Yet here she is — an Offbeat Bride wedding photography sponsor in your very midst. She may be a small-town girl, but Kandise still travels all over Canada (and the world), and brings her small-town prices.

From minute one of seeing Kandise's wedding photos, I was enchanted. There's this adorable dog photobombing a two-bride kiss. The gorgeous bride mid-open-mouth-laugh. Even a photo of a little girl barefoot in a tutu, running past a bride and groom got me to smile. If you need a non-traditional wedding photographer, or just an excuse to smile, you're in luck…

That time you hugged your bff on the dance floor, while your brothers did the Can Can.
That time you hugged your bff on the dance floor, while your brothers did the Can Can.

Prior to becoming a full-time photographer, Kandise studied history, and then became a professional librarian. She can't help but bring to her photography that sense of history, traditions, and the will to preserve memories. Kandise actively considers what my you may want to have recorded in the present, but also what you might want to have recorded 20 years from now.

Didn't I mention awesome smiles.
Didn't I mention awesome smiles?

Before your wedding day, Kandise likes to get to know you, and talk about the kind of photos you do and don't want. She's all about capturing authentic images that really express the feel of your particular wedding day. She says, "My people are into personalization. They're not going to do something that means nothing to them for the sake of tradition." Kandise is also getting married this year, which means she not only takes amazing pics, but she has that uber-valuable insight into your needs as the peeps getting married.

Come on with this! I don't even like kids and I just want to kick off my shoes and play with this girls.
Come on with this! I don't even like kids and I just want to kick off my shoes and play with this girls.

Like any couple getting married knows, amazing photos are great, but amazing photos at a discount are even better…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Kandise is offering a 10% discount to all couples who book her within the month. (Offer ends on May 24, 2014.) Just tell her that you found her on Offbeat Bride!


Oh, and did I mention that Kandise offers complimentary engagement sessions when you book your wedding with her? It's all part of how she gets to know you. Which is how she hooks you up with such great photos. Which is how she makes you utterly happy. (Sing with me now…) It's the circle of wedding photography! But in order to get in on all the circle of wedding photography, you gotta first get in touch with Kandise Brown.

  1. I completely adore Kandise! She's funny, sweet, and genuine, and that's just her as a person. Add her amazing photography skills on top of that personality and I'm jealous of everyone who gets to have her photograph their weddings!

  2. I have known deep in my heart that Kandise + OBBs were perfect for each other for years. Kandise is one of the most unique and talented photographers that I know. A total geek and freaking hilarious too. So jealous of anyone who is lucky enough to have her as their photographer.

  3. I love that Kandise is on OBB. As a fellow photographer, I'm continuously inspired by her bright, colorful work. She's also really nice and a whole lot of fun!

  4. You know you live in an even smaller Canadian town when you go all wide-eyed and giddy seeing Cities you've been to mentioned in a popular context, hahah.

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