Texas farm wedding with kick-ass live music

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 | Photography by Our Labor of Love

Our Labor of Love Photography got in contact with us after shooting Meriwether and Will's wedding. They thought that you guys might get a kick out of a tattooed groom, a rocking band, and the little offbeat details of this Fort Worth, Texas wedding.

This amazing property is Greenwood Farm and the bride's mom has lived and operated a horse farm on this property for over twenty-five years! So she was thrilled when Will agreed to marry on the property.

They also hired a vaudeville/Romani-inspired/rock band from Austin, Tx called Wino Vino — violins, horns, accordions, the whole nine yards. Meriwether explains,

“Right up until the middle of the wedding I would have panic attacks that this would be waaaaay too much for our Deep South/Texas family members. Turns out, they were absolutely amazing. Our non-traditional wedding songs were so memorable and, by the end of the evening, they had everyone on the dance floor doing this crazy whirling-dervish circle dance. It was frantic and so unbelievably fun. They also looked so cool.”

Here's what that crazy whirling-dervish circle dance looked like!

Run over to Our Labor of Love's blog and eat up some more of this wedding.

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Comments on Texas farm wedding with kick-ass live music

  1. The first link to Meriwether and Will’s photos work, but the last link doesn’t.

    And can I just say those yellow ties are eye-catching and amazing!

  2. Love the blue bridesmaid dresses! And yes, the yellow ties are very eye-catching and fun.

  3. apart from this wedding being just a whole load of beautiful… the Brides name is Meriwether and that is AWESOME!! Many congrats 🙂

  4. Beautiful! I lived in Ft. Worth for seven years, so seeing the grass and trees brought me back. 🙂 I love the bride’s shoes!

  5. OMG!! Love this wedding! I love the free-spirited feel of gypsy music and how is makes everyone who hears it want to get up and dane (even me, who NEVER dances!) Kudos 😀

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