Formal plugs and tunnels for stretched ears

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Pink formal plugs for your wedding day from House Yeager

If you've got stretched ears, you know what we'll say… rock them for the wedding! There may be cases where you'll want a flesh-tone hider, but that would make us sad face when formal plugs like the ones in this post exist. If you've decided to embrace your lobes, I've compiled a little collection of my favorites formal plugs for wedding days, or any day you want to rock your stretched ears AND feel fancy…

Love these Opal shimmer formal plugs from DefiantJewelry


These goddess bridal geode tunnel plugs are made to order!


Japanese rose porcelain plugs from SigilPlugs
Ooh, tentacle dangles. WE ALL LOVE TENTACLES.
Ooh, tentacle plugs from Peach Treats. WE ALL LOVE TENTACLES.


What if your formal plugs matched your wedding bouquet!? With these plugs from ETERNIADA that can totally be a thing you do for your wedding.



Loving the dangle on these wooden bridal plugs.
Loving the dangle on these wooden bridal plugs from Everchanging Jewelry.
Geeks wear plugs too! In this case, super awesome Star Wars wooden ones from EarEmporium.



If you want to go brass, these ornate plugs are a great option.
If you want to go brass, these ornate plugs are a great option.


So you're having a goth wedding, but you also want to have formal plugs? These crystal skull wedding plugs seem like the perfect solution!


Are you planning on changing your gauged style for the wedding or going with your usual style?

Meet your new BFF wedding vendor

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Comments on Formal plugs and tunnels for stretched ears

  1. Yea, this is my kinda post! You can also get custom plugs made if you want to really rock a theme or get a photo of you and your spouse on them. I’ve never seen a pair with a dangle, like those key ones, that’s awesome!

  2. I don’t even have pierced ears, nevermind stretched, but those fake gauge earrings always tempt me…

    • I got a pair off of Etsy to try, to see if I loved them enough to go through with gaging my ears. I LOVE them, and they’re really easy to wear. I would recommend a pair.

  3. These are amazing! There are a TON of sellers on Etsy who cater to brides with gauged ears. I just recently purchased some for my wedding next year. They are roses like the purple ones here, but they are just the roses, and they are ivory. They will match the strand of pearls my mom is lending to me for my big day.

  4. I have stretched ears that’ll be at 7/16″ at my wedding…my goal size is 1/2″ so I don’t want to spend too much. I think I’m gonna go with some plain CZ plugs, but these are awesome!

  5. Love this post! When I get married (far in the future) my tattoos and stretched lobes (1/2″ atm) will definitely feature, not be hidden away! I love the rose and key ones, but the pearl-diamond ones as well (not for me, but beautiful none-the-less!)

  6. I wore silicone earskins and great big chandelier earrings for the ceremony and changed into big black glass foxtails for the reception. Check out They have oodles of gorgeous jewelry for stretched lobes, fancy septum clickers, all kinds of stuff.

  7. I’m definitely going to show mine off. My right ear has 2g, 8g, and 12g holes. My left ear has a 2g, an 8g, and a 14 gauge inner conch piercing. I also have a left nostril piercing. I’m excited to pick out jewelry for them once I decide on what I’m going to wear! I hardly ever buy new pieces, so I’m psyched.

  8. Those Manaka hemp hoops drive me wild with stretchy desire! On the wedding gift list for sure.

  9. Literally screamed when I saw this post. FH saw the Star Wars plugs and won’t shut up! I only wish the hangy ones were made in my size…though I’d guess that’d be wayyy heavy. I also recommend for looking at mass amounts of different style/sizes/materials. I’ve been buying from them for years and I have never been disappointed!

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