Hire a food truck to invade your reception with deliciousness

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Food trucks are big business in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and Austin, although some areas (like my own city of Chicago) are being ornery about food trucks. Since they are getting so popular, they're a convenient way to nab some late-night grub (or full-on catering) from your favorite local mobile food dispensery?

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Guests at Susanne and Scott's wedding nosh on chicken mole tacos from Lorena's Mobile Kitchen.

Ice cream truck

Alicia and Cody hired the services of Molly Moon homemade ice cream for a reception dessert break.

You can cater your whole reception via truck or just have them deliver some much-needed sustenance for the long night of partying. Read more about Susanne and Scott's elegant rock ‘n' roll taco truck wedding and Alicia and Cody's fiery dragon and phoenix art gallery wedding. You can also check out our full archive of weddings that feature food truck catering and snackage.

photography: Jonas Seaman
photography: madlove photography

Comments on Hire a food truck to invade your reception with deliciousness

  1. I am so doing this but in research I have found that “food truck does not equal cheap” its not as pricy as some caterors have quoted me but it isn’t as cheap as I was thinking it would be. Still with a bouncy castle we need a food truck!

    • We are finding it’s about $10/person if you are planning on using the food truck as your main sustenance (or only)….which compared to non-food truck options, is WAY CHEAP. We will be using the truck as our “main meal”, but are paying much more than $10/person for heavy snackage and some fresh veggies to “flank” the mobile deliciousness.

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