Fluevog shoes: buy them for your wedding, but wear them every dang day

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At Offbeat Bride, we make no secret of our never-ending ongoing love-affair with John Fluevog shoes — you've seen them so many times here on the site that we have an entire tag archive for them. Even if you don't think you know Fluevogs, you do. Remember Deee-Lite? Remember the lead singer? She wore Fluevogs.

I've been obsessed with Fluevogs for over a decade because, unlike most heels, I can actually walk in them.

John Fluevog Women's Cervitude Ankle Boot
John Fluevog Women's Paris Platform Pump
John Fluevog Women's Raquel Platform Sandal
John Fluevog Women's Viardot Mary-Jane Pump
John Fluevog Women's Bethsaida Ankle Boot
John Fluevog Women's Hot Cakes Knee-High Boot
John Fluevog Women's Cascades Ankle Boot
John Fluevog Women's Sandra Mary-Jane Flat
John Fluevog Women's Jolie Ankle Boot
John Fluevog Women's Rhon Dorsay Pump

So here's the deal with Fluevogs: they are NOT cheap but they last FOREVER. This makes them the perfect combination for buying on eBay, since even used ‘Vogs have years and years of wear in them. I've found several great used pairs for myself — try searching for Fluevog and your shoe size and see what comes up:

Comments on Fluevog shoes: buy them for your wedding, but wear them every dang day

  1. My wife and I each wore a pair of Vog boots at our wedding…mine were bright yellow and hers were burgundy. So comfortable! There is no way I could have lasted 10 hours in regular heels.

  2. I am so sad that Fluevogs simply don’t come in size TINY. I wanted to wear the lace up mary janes for my wedding, but they don’t come small. 🙁

  3. but call them and ask what fits small – I don’t know how small you’re looking for, but a Fluevogologist will consult on fit and they really know their stuff!
    I’ve used their direct mail order and couldn’t be happier with the fit!

  4. I’m saving my electric red vardot pumps for my wedding day. They also sell Fluevogs in Melbourne, Australia if you are on this side of the planet and don’t want to buy online. Head for Sole Devotion.

  5. I have to admit, I’m not much of a shoe person at all, so I tend to only briefly look at these posts… but I think I like every single shoe shown here! Yeesh… guess I have to go get myself some. 🙂

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