Create “thank you” favors with a 3D photo collage

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Looking for a inventive way to show-off your engagement photos at your wedding? Or perhaps a favor that is more personal and jazzy? Spice up your favors with this 3D photo collage that will have your guests gushing.

What you need:

Here are some photographs that I thought would work well from Sonia and Nathan's Engagement Session.

Here are the Terecitas flowers I purchased. I cut a few blooms from the bunch.

Simply use your craft knife to cut your photo in a way to insert the flower. That is, cut one small slit where the flower stem will go in, and another where it will come out. For mine, I cut above Nathan's clasped hands and again below them.

Next put your flower into the photograph!

I love it! If you want to use these flower photos as favors, print your happy words on to full-sheet inkjet labels and use your craft knife to cut out the stickers.

Now adhere your stickers to the photographs and watch your guests love them up!

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Comments on Create “thank you” favors with a 3D photo collage

  1. If you’re considering MAILING something like this (I’ve seen it done,) there will be additional postage. Also, you’ll need to pick a thicker stock for any envelopes so everything doesn’t rip its way through the paper en route.
    This idea is cute, cute, cute. It would be awesome to do these for table numbers, as well. You could do a tri-fold table sign and on each side, have your pictures holding little flags with the table number.

  2. aw brilliant!!!! today was the day ”i will, i will, i will” get my thankyou notes done and then decided to waist some time on offbeat to put it back further. now im inspired! thank you!!! xXx

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