Corrie and Rodrigo brought Western chic to Florida by having their vintage-styled wedding at Davie Ranch. Corrie is a stylist and made her own dress paired with purple Fluevogs!

All of the decor was handcrafted and the dinnerware was mismatched thrift finds. They were surrounded by equine wonder, and this was reflected in their decor choices. Thanks to photographer Jeremy Harris, we are able to check out the darn-tootin-est, most stylish Western-meets-East Coast wedding.

The party continued with crazy hats and masks. Check out the rest of this DIYed Western wedding over at Jeremy Harris' blog.

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  1. Oh sweet lord, I adore those boots. The whole wedding was gorgeous. But I’m seriously coveting those boots.

  2. Were going to have our wedding at the Davie Ranch. Any decorating tips? Did you use the decorator they recommend or did you DIY it all? Thanks in advance.

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