Wedding videography for complete movie nerds and film connoisseurs

September 4 2015 | offbeatbride
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Keep scrolling to watch this incredible wedding video...
Keep scrolling to watch this incredible wedding video…
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Film buffs, art-lovers, and music geeks of Florida! Are you looking for a wedding video that will please your artsy culture snob side, as well as capture the love and beauty of your wedding day? Oh, and would you like all that wrapped up with a special discount, just for being you?

Then our sponsor Made with Love Weddings is your jam!

Let's talk about wedding videography for complete movie nerds and film connoisseurs.

I can totally hear Mumford and Sons when I look at this still.
I can totally hear Mumford and Sons when I look at this still.

So, I mentioned music geeks… what does being a music geek have to do with wedding videos? I'll just let videographer Denis Dominguez explain with this amazing quote:

Lana Del Rey, Florence + the Machine, and Mumford and Sons are but a few artists you would compare to my style of wedding films. Edgy yet classic. Bold but lofty. Like an orchestra, I weave stories of love through the crescendoes of emotion.

What does that "story of love woven through crescendoes of emotion" look like? Oh, just like this epicness:

How gorgeous was that? I feel like that wedding video put any real life memories to shame. That wedding video was all, "Oh, you think you remember how beautiful the sunlight through the trees was that day? Puhleez, memory. Watch this and tell me that you captured it as well as I did? I thought not…" Gah, even those horses were like "Dayum, we look good!"


Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, the art that is film-making. Maybe I should let Denis take it from here again…

Me and my team are complete movie nerds… We believe in continuing education. Every month, we attend at least one movie screening to maintain our proficiency badge in cinema, as well as stay up to date with the latest TV series. Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Dare Devil, and of course Walking Dead! So rest assured, your friends are going to be totally jealous you hired film connoisseurs.


Actually, I bet your friends won't just be jealous that you hired amazing film makers to shoot your wedding video, but that you actually got them at a freaking discount…


Right now you can take $300 off their wedding packages when you book them by the end of September. Just tell them you want to take advantage of their Offbeat Early Bird special!

Basically Made With Love Weddings is all about incredible wedding videos made by incredible filmmakers and film lovers. What more could you want? Oh yeah, a special deal. But to take advantage of that, you have to book them ASAP!

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