Phantom meets Halloween in this DIY masquerade wedding in Florida

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Kari and Rick took on the project of crafting this oh-so-opulent masquerade Phantom-meets-Halloween wedding on October 30, 2010 in Florida. It's weddings like these that make me love this season. But the amazing part is that they made almost all of the decor themselves, including the uber gothic statues! It helps that Rick is a talented artist. And it shows.

Everyone looks mysterious at a masquerade. Kari's mask, on the left, is laser-cut metal and Swarovski crystals and Rick's is papier-mâché. Check here for some easily acquired, no-DIY-necessary masks.

Many mini-Phantoms make merry among the masses!

The handsome couple meets at the altar sans masks. And how about the jacket and collars on this guy? HOT!

The wedding was held at the Boynton Beach Women's Club, which the pair ultimately transformed into their gothic masterpiece.

Here's a full-length view of Kari's gown, handmade by Belinda Barry of Romantic Threads. The whole wedding party had their outfits custom-made by Belinda as well!

The bridal party looking just as awesome as the Kari and Rick. The mask on the far right is insane.

Kari painted these vampire fangs silver for awesome place card holders!

Vampire wine sets the tone among the centerpieces. And their signature drink? Pumpkin martinis!

More centerpiece love made by Kari, this time with red roses and black feathers. But the best is yet to come…

Seriously, I can't get over the trees, the candelabras, and of course… the handmade statues! The statues are painted papier-mâché based on a Doctor Who episode. The wings are removable and made of styrofoam.

Check out the detail. And a better look at the candles with cobwebs. Rick made those and the trees. Seriously, I want to hire this guy to make my dream gothic room!

Now this is a cool guestbook alternative with a Halloween edge. Ceramic pumpkin + Sharpies = permanent spooky memories.

Ultra-detailed black, white, and red tiered cake. I heart the red mask!

Who is who among this masked rabble?

Kari handmade this bouquet! Don't miss the little crystal spider on the top.

Thanks to Palm Beach Photography for passing on this fantastically creepy, DIY wedding. Tonya said of the couple, “To top it all off, Rick and Kari are probably the nicest clients you could ever ask for!” So give them some love for being so cool.

dresses: Romantic Threads

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Comments on Phantom meets Halloween in this DIY masquerade wedding in Florida

  1. Like out of the pages of a fairy tale! Although if I had been at the reception, I wouldn’t have been able to look away from those Weeping Angels statues. Lovely touches all throughout!

  2. Love love love all of this!! The dress, the masks, the vampire teeth, the trees, the candelabras, the cake, the Weeping Angel statues – ahhh.. stunning and awesome all around! In fact, I’m e-mailing my friend this page so she could check out the statues – she’s a huge Dr. Who fan and loves/is terrified of the Weeping Angels.

  3. Amazing wedding!! I saw some photos of the beautiful couple on Belinda’s facebook page. Glad to see some more. They are one of the reasons I am ordering my dress from Belinda. The bride just looks so beautiful!!

  4. Great. Now I may never be satisfied with a groom who doesn’t wear an outfit like that. Gorgeous!

  5. GORGEOUS! I love that it’s all Halloweeny but still feels elegant and romantic!!

  6. Those masks are GORGEOUS!!! Oh, how I hate my glasses at times like these! I want!!!!

  7. OMG, there is just so much to comment on, the masks, the teeth, the centerpieces, your wedding attire, your DIY reception decor, the angels! I was actually rendered speechless from the loveliness of your photos and it takes a lot to do that. Honestly you should consider becoming alternative wedding stagers, what talent!

    Everything looks divine! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a great married life, hugs!

    Sid, I am applauding you right now as I type, that is hard to do.

  8. Everything looks amazing!! Congrats! Please tell me where you got those candelabras! Did you make them? They’re exactly what I’m looking for myself! 🙂

  9. The detail is stunning, the colors are gorgeous, warm and passionate. There is a lot of romance and sensuality in their wedding. And they have incorporated their own loves and passions in this wedding, and together it was a perfect combination. For that one day this event wil live on eternally in your hearts and now online 😛

    Love goofball Lisa

  10. This has got to be one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. I’m in tears at it. The bride looks amazing, the groom completely happy. The details on everything are just amazing. 10/10

  11. I seriously considered not having a wedding at all till i saw this beautiful couple. I’m a chunky girl and i hate how i look in pictures (i didnt’t want to be the thing that ruined the whole wedding album) But now i see that even us chunky girls can look absolutly fabulous on our wedding day……now i cant wait for my halloween wedding 🙂

    • Aww Jennifer! I feel that way too, but like my fiance says, he thinks I am the most beautiful woman alive. When he looks at me he gets so giddy, it’s cute. And your man loves you too. The negative nonsense in your head, will stop harassing you when you realize this. Your wedding will be great and you will be beautiful!

  12. Kari, I need help with the fang card holders… We are doing a Halloween Costume Reception and was also planning on doing the Vampire Fang Cards Holders but can’t figure out how to make them stay closed. Could you or anyone help us? Tks~ Jodi P.S. Awesome job with your wedding!

    • This is Rick. Never check this site…sorry we couldn’t help….I just found myself on this site today. 🙂 Please let us know if you ever need more help. Facebook us.

  13. I was lucky enough to be able to go to this wedding, I guess it helps being the Grooms cousin, LOL. This was the best wedding! My husband and I are in the last picture I am standing behind the bride with the long brown hair and my husband is the tall man with the white shirt. This wedding was SO much FUN!!! The details in everything they did was truly amazing!! It fit the both of them to a tee!

  14. We really like to see blogs with pictures that are not the norm. It really makes for a more interesting photography session. I think pictures from events that are not your same event make it that much more interesting.

  15. Wow, great pictures we recently did this type of party and the customer asked us to create a dramatic effect with lighting. We had to do some fun color mixing. Really made the room great with the masquerade.

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