A pair of scissors, some extra fabric, and voilà! This bride got the dress she couldn't find

April 2 2015 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: Ten·2·Ten Photography
Just a hint of flowers
Photos by Ten·2·Ten Photography

What's a bride to do when the dream dress just isn't out there? For people like Danyelle, you damn well make it, that's what you do. Or at least, have someone step in after you've found a dress and taken a pair of scissors to it.

Before her August wedding to Kevin last year, Danyelle enlisted the help of a seamstress for some custom work on a white strapless dress. As you can see in the photos, the dress was taken up to Danyelle's knees in the front to show off a custom lining: a bright, cheery, blue foral print. Sigh. You know we love floral dresses.

Oh, and you're gonna want to scroll down to that last photo. Because rainy wedding pics are sexy.

Fabric closeup

Original dress detail

Bride with custom lined dress

Back of dress

First look

All white in the back

That train

Knee-length in the front

Bouquet matches dress lining


Sweeping custom dress

Rainy glowing dress


Photographer: Ten·2·Ten Photography

This post was written based on information provided by the photographer. If there are any errors or omissions, please contact us.

  1. Amazing! If I had that dress idea I wouldn't want to compromise either. Such incredible additions. I would be surprised if this becomes popular.

  2. I love less-than-traditional dresses! While I'm sure the dress was beautiful before being lovingly hacked apart, it has so much more personality with some simple alterations….and who wants a dress that looks like everyone else's dress (maybe it's just me, but the strapless white poofy gowns I've seen at most weddings I've attended all look basically the same….). Add some flair! Make it more memorable for your guests and more meaningful for you!

    • I couldn't have put it better myself Charissa!
      Although I love each and every one of my brides and grooms and do my best to remember as much of their wedding day as possible, the ones who go the extra mile to really make their day unique are the ones that I will remember forever 🙂 As an artist, it's very refreshing to photograph a wedding day that has so many personal embellishments.

    • I'm here! 🙂

      It was a pretty low key setup. We had to climb down about 5 flights of stairs to get to this deck, though. That proved to be more problematic than setting up the actual shot (physical activity has and will never be my strongpoint!)

      Whenever I do outdoor rainy shots, I always make sure I have a CLEAR umbrella handy. It's so much nicer in regards to lighting than a coloured umbrella. Coloured umbrellas will cast a nasty colour tone onto the couple that's next to impossible to deal with in post under normal processing conditions. If I don't happen to have a clear umbrella, I'll look for one that has UV protection since they are typically lined with silver so they help throw light onto the couple without casting a colour tone.

      The actual setup involved my loving husband (the assistant for this particular out-of-town wedding that we were also guests to) standing on the dock about 15 feet away from the couple with 1 flash (canon 600EX) at 1/4 power pointed at the couples midsections. I triggered using pocket wizard TT1/TT5 combo. ISO 1,000 (if I remember) and f2.8, 1/125

      The light fills the clear umbrella and really gives it the appearance that the light source MAY be coming from the umbrella itself; a neat little trick.

      Then we had to climb back up the 5 flights of stairs in the rain. That wasn't so pretty 🙂

  3. This is awesome! I never found "the dress" myself and settled for less – but it became THE dress after the alterations. I think we need to always keep that in mind when dress-hunting.

    • Sorry to hear that you never felt like you had your "AHA!" moment with your dress. A think a lot of brides and grooms feel that way about their formalwear but hopefully posts like this one will help provide people with the inspiration to alter their garments until they feel like it truly reflects who they are! 🙂

  4. Bug alert!

    I clicked 'Fix Typo' but the box shows up behind the last photo so I can only see the final two fields to fill in and can't submit the correction. I'm on Chrome on Windows. The typo is in para 2, final line, 'foral' to 'floral'.

  5. Props to the seamstress too! It looks incredible! It isn't always easy to take another person's idea and fabricate it so it turns out how they imagined it would! Just gorgeous!

  6. What a gorgeous way to give a simpler white gown color and interest!!! Photos and wedding came out beautifully, so glad the couple got to do the wedding they wanted to. So lovely.

  7. 1. WOW! That looks absolutely amazing! Such a gorgeous result! When you've got a dream, chase it, even with scissors!!
    2. I now know of another person with my name spelling! I'm also a Danyelle! yah!

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