Use flipbooks to help your guests Save the Date

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Offbeat Bride Val had a dream of a Save the Date flipbook and her partner Theron made that dream a reality. Here's Val's explanation of how it went down:

One particularly chilly and snow-covered-ish day in Sheboygan, my fiance and I loaded up my Sony Z1U camera, our tripod, and ourselves, and drove to the lakefront. We did a simple seven-second video of me running and jumping into his arms, him spinning us around, and us kissing. He used iMovie to put in the date at the bottom and get the size correct for our company to turn the video into a flipbook.

And here's Theron's video showing off how they turned out! In his words “I was instructed to do so by my fiancee, so I will comply.”

How much do you love these? If you want to make a flipbook wedding invitation or a flipbook save the date of your own, you can order custom ones here.

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  1. I’m having such a meta moment. I want to see a flipbook of how to make a flipbook!

  2. Burning the edges of the ribbon with a lighter for a few seconds would work to stop the fraying for good. Just make sure not to hold it too long or you’ll get a charred end 🙂

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