This super flexible gift registry has options we've never seen (and it's totally free!)

February 2 2018 | bijouxandbits
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This super flexible gift registry has options we've never seen (and it's totally free!)
Blueprint Registry is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
We've talked registries before, but sometimes you just want to call out cool features you haven't seen and especially so when the tool is totally free. So we couldn't help wanting to talk shop about our partner, Blueprint Registry. You likely want a universal registry that allows for honeymoon funding, group gifting, and selecting gifts from anywhere on the web, right? Blueprint's got you covered, with an additional tool that is RAD. Let's talk about the features and why it might be just right for your wedding registry…

This super flexible gift registry has options we've never seen (and it's totally free!)

Room-by-room shopping & adding items from anywhere

In addition to being an all-in-one gift registry, you can organize your gifts based on the layout of your home. True to their name, they offer visual "blueprints" that allow you to see exactly what you might need and/or want for each room of your home. It will keep you totally organized in your gift selections. Plus, you can add items from anywhere online with their little "Add to Blueprint" Button. And once it's all ready, you can even mark certain gifts as "favorites" to give guests a nudge in a specific direction.

Oh, and if you've already started a registry elsewhere that you're just not loving, you can import that existing registry into Blueprint. Handy!

This super flexible gift registry has options we've never seen (and it's totally free!)

Cash gifts, honeymoons, & group gifting

We know y'all probably already have a toasters and kitchen items and all that. But maybe you're in the time of life where you need larger gifts instead (a grill? furniture? a honeymoon, of course!). this is where cash gifts and group gifting are KEY. This allows guests to contribute to larger gifts that you actually want. And when you actually use that grill, you can snap a photo and make their day. They contributed to those delicious burgers! Everyone wins.

Bonus: You also get a detailed gift summary, a gift return guide, and a 10% discount on anything that wasn't purchased from your registry. In other words, they'll keep track of all your gifts for you, making writing those thank-you notes super simple.

This super flexible gift registry has options we've never seen (and it's totally free!)

How flexible is it?

We've got a killer example of a way to use Blueprint that is so awesome. Vicki and Matt used Blueprint Registry to remodel their house. For instance, they asked guests to contribute to a bathroom renovation, solar panels, and even some "landscaping manscaping!" This was such a great idea for a cash registry where guests can feel like they are really making your lives together awesome. Here's what they said about their experience with their registry:

"We are both architects, and we were looking for a registry platform that would help us follow through with our house renovation. We didn’t need more stuff, so we thought it would be fun to share our design ideas with our friends and family, and separate them into group gifts so they could select the ideas they liked the most. A friend told us about Blueprint Registry, and the custom gift feature worked perfectly for our registry concept."

Let us be that friend for you. Go create your perfect cosplay outfit registry, your trip to New Zealand registry, your home reno registry, or your totally diverse registry of whatever items you can find in your online window shopping. This registry can help you fund ANYTHING.

This super flexible gift registry has options we've never seen (and it's totally free!)

Have any proof that this is legit?

Here are a few reviews from folks who found registry joy with Blueprint:

"Our experience with Blueprint was fantastic. We loved how it was a one-stop shop for so many different stores, and the house layout was super helpful in thinking through what we wanted to ask our guests for."

"I'm definitely more of an online shopper than an in-store person, so I loved having the option to pull in items from various sites with the click of a button. I found it to be really convenient."

"The cash gift feature is great. Blueprint Registry provides lots of options for cashing out – including a 2% cash back bonus on Amazon and Home Depot!"

"The buy direct feature is awesome. Rather than asking someone for a $13 butter dish, we could buy it ourselves — while still being able to keep track of everything we have bought/asked for on one platform."

"The option for group gifts was great, especially for higher priced items."

This super flexible gift registry has options we've never seen (and it's totally free!)

Did you say this was free?

I sure did. And it is. Blueprint Registry a completely free service with NO monthly fees. (All online honeymoon and fundraising websites require a third-party credit card processor like Paypal which charges a fee to safely collect and transfer money online, but Blueprint actually subsidizes this to make it the cheapest on the market, saving your guests fat cash!).

Ready to give Blueprint Registry a try? Start thinking about what you actually want and start creating gifts that will fulfill those dreams.

  1. Shoot, both this one and Amazon's registry don't work for Canadians (well, they sort of work, just not well). Anyone have suggestions as to ones that work well to folks north of the border? I'd rather not have to try to cobble together a solution.

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