Serve up flavored popcorn favors to your guests (with recipes!)

Updated Mar 15 2021
Photos by: Jasmine Norris Photography
Serve up flavored popcorn favors to your guests
Photos by Jasmine Norris Photography

Nidia and Jamal had tons of things going for their sweet Indiana wedding, but we couldn't stop drooling over their many flavors of popcorn favors (among a few favors!) they served to their guests. They had Chicago Mix (a Chicago staple of cheddar cheese and caramel mix), Asian BBQ, and Bombay Seasoning. I totally want all of those flavors right now. Read on for more photos AND more flavored popcorn recipes below…

Serve up flavored popcorn favors to your guests

Ooh, I also spy apple butter favors… but let's stay on topic before I get apple distraction.

Serve up flavored popcorn favors to your guests
Serve up flavored popcorn favors to your guests

You could translate this idea to the reception, cocktail hour, or even before the ceremony for mid-tears noshing. Don't forget the scoops!

Scroll down for a few more popcorn flavor ideas for your own flavored popcorn favors…

Flavored popcorn favor recipes
Rosemary parmesan popcorn with browned butter

Flavored popcorn favors recipe ideas:

Trail mix popcorn

Combine salted, cheese, or caramel popcorn with peanuts, pretzel sticks, raisins, M&M’s, and other trail mix goodies.

Cookies and cream popcorn

Combine kettle corn or plain popcorn with crushed Oreos and 6 ounces of melted vanilla candy melts.

Cinnamon sugar popcorn

Mix plain popcorn with two tablespoons of melted butter in the bag, two teaspoons of sugar, and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

S'mores popcorn

Combine plain popcorn with mini marshmallows, Golden Grahams (or broken graham crackers), and drizzled chocolate.

Cookie butter peanut popcorn

The taste of popular cookie butter + popcorn. Recipe here!

Rosemary parmesan popcorn with browned butter

Savory and delicious. Recipe here!

more wedding popcorn ideas:

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